1960s Retro Sweets

The 1960s was an exciting and diverse decade in history. Incredible music, fashion and cultural trends took the world by storm, and the decade also signalled the arrival of some of the UK’s favourite sweet brands and products.

The Sweet Hamper Company’s range of 1960s retro sweets products transports you back to this thrilling golden age with some of the most memorable sweet treats and goodies which were available on the market.

From pink ‘n’ mix favourites through to retro sweet brands including Dip Dabs and Sherbet Fountains, the vintage packaging and distinctive flavours of these 1960s retro sweets will take you on a trip down memory lane. Young and old alike will be enthralled by the retro and vintage taste sensations so whether you’re reminiscing about 1960s retro sweet shops or you’re experiencing the sweets for the first time, you’re bound to love our range of 1960s retro sweets.

At the Sweet Hamper Company, we offer a range of 1960s retro sweets products, including sweet hampers, sweet bouquets and sweet boxes. Each product is carefully created using some of the finest and highest quality 1960s retro sweets, hand selected by our team of sweet experts for their delicious flavours. Our products are packed by hand to ensure they are perfectly presented, and arrive in pristine condition every time. 

And don’t forget, if you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as milestone birthday or anniversary, our 1960s retro sweet products can be personalised with our range of beautifully designed gift cards. So why not include a special message for a loved one, friend or family member?

Check out our full range of 1960s retro sweets products below. We also offer a range of other decade themed and retro sweet products.