Old Fashioned Sweets

Everybody loves shopping for those good old classic retro sweets. From sherbet lemons to milk gums. These confectionary classics make for the perfect gift for any age! Relive those childhood memories and shop online for your favourite traditional sweets. Here at the Sweet Hamper Company we offer a wide selection of sweets and we love nothing more than putting sweet products together including old fashioned sweets.

What we offer

We have taken old fashioned candy and turned them into an array of glorious sweet jars, hampers, boxes and other gifts. We've included some of the most popular retro sweets that many people will remember from when they were kids. Rhubarb and Custards, Sherbet Fountains, Jelly Babies, Black Jacks and many many more. These confectionery classics will get those taste buds tingling, just like walking into that old fashioned sweet shop did when you were a child.

Hampers & Boxes

These are some of the most popular of products in our range and we have loads of them! The vintage hampers and boxes look like they come straight from the 1960s sweet shop shelves. Boiled sweets galore in those classic red and white old fashioned sweets bags. Pear Drops in both popular colours, retro jellies, and other scrumptious sweets. All of our hampers and boxes are packed to perfection in the UK and delivered with care. To make it an even better gift we've included a free personalised gift card on which you can include your own special message. There are some traditional and more modern designs to choose from.

Jars & Bouquets

Now it wouldn't be a complete set of old fashioned sweets without offering jars would it? We've packed in as many of those sweet shop sweets as possible in a couple of different sizes. These traditional jars have an array of flavours in store and can be enjoyed by young kids or grand parents! All of our jars come included with a personalised sticker which goes on the front to make it the perfect gift.

Retro Sweets or Chocolate?

We just had to include some old fashioned chocolate bars alongside the boiled sweets in our array of candy gifts. When shopping for the perfect confectionery gifts make sure you include the recipients favourite chocolate bars. We have a huge range of chocolate in stock from those old fashioned Cadbury classic flavours to Galaxy Ripples and Minstrels. You'll noticed we've even provided the best of both with combinations of sweets and chocolates into hampers and boxes!

What to buy?

Not sure what to buy? Don't worry, all of our products are bound to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. Remember it's sometimes the thought that counts, not the gift. Some of our larger old fashioned products are ideal for sharing and could be ideal for couples of families for those bigger special occasions. If you feel like there are any products missing off our site, please do let us know as we'd love to hear from you and we can always looks to add something extra special :)

Thanks so much for shopping with us at the Sweet Hamper Company. We really appreciate your support as a small business!