1990s Retro Sweets

If you’re a child of the 1990s, you’ll love the flavour sensations and mouth watering candy and sweets to be found in our 90s retro sweet products.

From the decade that brought us grunge music, text messages, Nintendo 64 and the World Wide Web, the 1990s were years of change and innovation - plus lots of tasty retro sweets in the form of Nerds, Freddos, sherbet straws, Chewits and sour Tangfastics. With an abundance of 1990s retro sweets, this was a decade chock full of fizzy, sugary goodies… and our range of 1990s retro sweet hampers, boxes, cones and more will transport you back to this iconic decade.

These all so tasty sweets pack a punch and will transport you back to the days of the Spice Girls, platform trainers, Power Rangers and the Powerpuff Girls. Each product in our 1990s retro sweet range has been picked by hand to ensure our hampers, sweet boxes and other products contain only the finest 1990s sweets, candy and confectionery.

Ideal as a gift to mark a special birthday (perhaps a thirtieth birthday for 1990’s babies), or to celebrate another special occasion, all the products in our 1990s retro sweet range can be personalised to include a special message for the recipient. Make sure you check the ‘personalise’ option when you check out to include a message on a beautifully designed gift card.

Our products are packed by hand and carefully wrapped to ensure they arrive with the recipient in perfect condition.

Check out our full range of 1990s retro sweet products on our online web shop - delicious!

Favourite sweets of the 1990s

If you were a child of the 1990s, it's likely you have fond memories of scrumptious sweets and snacks from this memorable decade. From lemon sherbet, coconut mushrooms, fruity starburst, strawberry laces, chewy millions,puffed rice rainbow drops, and even candy cigarettes, these past sweets from our childhoods continue to grow in popularity in England and across the world. 

From pick n mix at the sweet shop, to enjoying a sweet snack after school, 90s sweets offer a wide assortment of flavours which will give anyone the sugar rush they’ve been seeking! Remember taking your hard earned pocket money to the candy shop back in the day to select your sweets for the week? Well now you can enjoy all your sugar favourites from the comfort of your own home!

Offering a mix of delicious sweets, our online sweet shop offers a range of products which will take you down memory lane, including our range of 90s retro sweets, hampers, boxes and other gifts. 

Why choose a hamper from the Sweet Hamper Company?

From special birthday gifts, celebrating a milestone anniversary, sending festive cheer or even sending a message to your colleagues or clients, the Sweet Hamper Company offers a great selection of products to appeal for any occasion. 

Packed to the brim with bags of 90s sweets, the Sweet Hamper Comper’s range will make any mouth water, whether you’re a kid or a big kid! Perfect for all the family, our hampers contain mix sweets of all varieties, including some with natural colours, to provide the perfect snack, whatever the occasion. Our hampers will take you on a trip down memory lane, to a time when everything tasted good and we didn’t feel bad for eating a bit of sugar!

With every colour of the rainbow, including pink, orange, yellow and blue, sweets from our 90s sweets range of hampers, boxes and other gifts are sure to delight and enthral kids and big kids alike! 

Fit to burst with bags of goodies and sweets, we set the bar high! Dip into a hamper and pull out a bag of sherbet straws, discover a strawberry bonbon or another old favourite from your childhood. Not only do our hampers, boxes and other gifts come full of sweets and colours, they also offer buckets of fun for all the family!

Plus, if you’re looking to add the finishing touch to your gift, why not select our personalisation service. Simply select the personalisation option when you add the item to your basket, type your special message in the box provided, select from our beautifully created gift cards to go inside it and bob's your uncle!

What goes into a 90s sweet hamper from the Sweet Hamper Company?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the young at heart, you’ve come to the right place. Our sweet hampers are sure to knock the socks off any recipient no matter how old they are. Full to the brim with retro 90s sweets including much loved classics, our range of stock contains the highest quality sweets from across the world including brands such as Cadbury and Swizzels.

From pick n mix through to chews and boiled sweets, our range of sweets is extensive and our hampers contain a wide variety of brands, flavours and colours of the rainbow. Our team of experts take pride in offering customers quality stock in our online store. This is why we search the globe to discover only the best sweets to feature in our range of sweet gifts. Each box and hamper is packed with love and carefully wrapped to ensure that the sweets are not damaged in transit and delivery to our customer is smooth. We deliver across England and the rest of the UK, with free delivery on anything over £50.