1990s Retro Sweets

If you’re a child of the 1990s, you’ll love the flavour sensations and mouth watering candy to be found in our 1990s retro sweet products.

From the decade that brought us grunge music, text messages, Nintendo 64 and the World Wide Web, the 1990s were years of change and innovation - plus lots of tasty retro sweets in the form of Nerds, Freddos, sherbet straws, Chewits and sour Tangfastics. With an abundance of 1990s retro sweets, this was a decade chock full of fizzy, sugary goodies… and our range of 1990s retro sweet hampers, boxes, cones and more will transport you back to this iconic decade.

These all so tasty sweets pack a punch and will transport you back to the days of the Spice Girls, platform trainers, Power Rangers and the Powerpuff Girls. Each product in our 1990s retro sweet range has been picked by hand to ensure our hampers, sweet boxes and other products contain only the finest 1990s sweets, candy and confectionery.

Ideal as a gift to mark a special birthday (perhaps a thirtieth birthday for 1990’s babies), or to celebrate another special occasion, all the products in our 1990s retro sweet range can be personalised to include a special message for the recipient. Make sure you check the ‘personalise’ option when you check out to include a message on a beautifully designed gift card.

Our products are packed by hand and carefully wrapped to ensure they arrive with the recipient in perfect condition.

Check out our full range of 1990s retro sweet products below - delicious!