American Sweet Boxes

Candy from across the pond has a distinct flavour and is full of bright, rainbow colours which make the mouth water at a great price. Our range of American candy boxes are chock-a-block with an exciting array of American sweets which is sure to delight anyone. Featuring everything from tasty Millions through to delectable Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, our stock of American sweet boxes from our shop contain tonnes of favourites from our stock.

Young and old alike will absolutely adore our American candy boxes which are for sale - we’re sure of it!

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else that you love, our American boxes literally tick all the boxes. Available in a range of sizes and varieties, you’re sure to find something for everyone at the right price when you add to cart!


Our American candy box orders range has been designed to contain top notch American sweets, candy, chocolate and other confectionery. Our small team of candy connoisseurs hand pack every single American box to ensure they are protected throughout transit, and arrive on your doorstep in pristine condition. 

Plus, with the Sweet Hamper Company, you can make your American candy box special for free by personalising it with a free message when you add to cart. You don’t need to login to an account with your email - it's available for all orders sold, including new customers and their first sale.  Ideal for any occasion and for any special day, just select a new, free gift card to be placed inside the American candy box, and compose your own personal message on the cart page and join us / follow us on our Facebook account.

What goes into an American candy box from the Sweet Hamper Company?

Filled with some of the best sweets and candy from across the pond, our American candy candy boxes are one of a kind. Our team of candy experts select only the finest ranges of sweets to feature in all the orders which appear on our online shop and our stock provides an incredible range of products which are bound to tantalize any taste bud!

American candy comes in all sorts of shapes, colours and flavours, offering a world of sensations. The Sweet Hamper Company’s range of American candy boxes captures all these flavours and more in one delightful candy box!

Our team of connoisseurs search high and low to find the best sweets for sale in our American candy boxes, and we add the finishing touches by ensuring that each and every American box is beautifully packaged, creating a special gift for any occasion. 

If you’re a fan of all things American, you could even treat yourself any time of day and subscribe to our special subscription service, meaning that you can receive a delivery of goodies every month from our shop. 

Do American candy boxes make good gifts?

In a nutshell, absolutely - we may be biased but we think American candy boxes make the best gifts! What’s not to love?

Whatever special day you are celebrating, from birthdays and anniversaries, through to the festive season, the product range we have in stock on our site offers something for everyone. A delivery from our site is bound to get anyone excited, plus with free delivery and UK shipping on all orders over £50 and candy boxes at different price ranges, it's bound to put a smile on your face too! You’re sure to find the perfect present whatever your budget. Search across our website to find the perfect gift.

Make American candy boxes extra special

With an incredible new range of products and stock available on our online shop, there is a wide range of American sweet boxes at many different prices ready to be added to your cart and sent out for delivery to customers across the UK. But how could you make your order from us even more special and get a super smile from the recipient? Our personalisation service can help. Available across all of our products, each customer has the option to enter a bespoke message in every one of our products sold before you add to cart. Featuring a gift message inside the box, before you add the product into your cart, don’t forget to select the ‘personalisation’ option before you close the sale. Available for any customer, including new and first time customers - you don’t even need an account to use this service. 

Plus on any new order over £50 you get free delivery and UK shipping - ensuring the price is right every time. You don’t even need to add a promo code to get this special offer on delivery and shipping when you add to cart, whether it's your first order with our shop or not.

We also offer a subscribe service for sweets,

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