Sweet Jars

Fizzy favourites, pick ‘n’ mix classics, fruity jellies and chewy gummies… all can be found in the Sweet Hamper Company’s range of sweet jars. Each product from the Sweet Hamper Company is fit to burst with all kinds of sweets and candy. 

Ideal as a gift or present, our products literally go down a treat - particularly if you or your friends / family have a sweet tooth! Available in an array of different sizes and shapes, our colourful sweet jars and an eye catching and fun way to let someone know you care.

Our range can even be used to decorate parties, weddings and other occasions, creating a sweetie themed event which everyone is sure to love. Why not create your own sweet buffet by mixing and matching some of our favourite sweets into a jar

Each sweet jar can be resealed, meaning its contents have a long shelf life, and you can take your time to enjoy the delicious goodies. Although our candy is so delectable we’re pretty sure your sweet jar won’t last very long!

Check out our full range below and add whatever your heart desires to your basket. From retro favourites and traditional candies, right through to sour shockers, you’re sure to find something you and your family love.

What goes into a sweet jar from the Sweet Hamper Company?

Well, where do we start?! It's safe to say that a sweet jar from the Sweet Hamper Company contains an array of everyone’s favourite sweets, including retro sweets, hard boiled sweets, chewy treats and even a selection from across the pond. All of our products are filled to bursting with top quality sweets and we search high and low to ensure that our site only offers the best candy available in the UK. You can be sure that whatever you add to your basket will enthral and delight, whether you’re ordering for yourself or someone special.

We fill our empty sweet jars with a variety of sweets which would rival Willy Wonka’s stock load! We offer such a wide array of stock and bulk sweets which means that each and every one of our jars are unique. All are packaged by hand and with love, meaning that the recipient receives an outstanding product every time. It’s not just sweet jars we have on offer, we also provide a wide array of hampers, boxes, and other items to add to your basket on checkout.

Our sweets available in the Sweet Hamper Company shop are always of the highest quality. We mix sweets from across all four corners of the world to create incredible concoctions of confectionery in all of our jars. We offer everything you can imagine from a sweet shop and our sweets are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! We have plenty in stock and our shelves are stacked high with all your favourite sweets.

Why choose a sweet jar from the Sweet Hamper Company?

When you’re shopping for a sweet jar you’ll find many benefits when selecting a product from the Sweet Hamper Company.

Not only are our jars carefully packaged by hand with a fantastic mix of sweets, all of our products can be completely personalised with the customer creating their own message to be stuck on the outside of the jar. Send a personal message to someone you love before they tuck into an incredible selection of sweets, candy, confectionery, lollipops and chocolate. You’ll be sure to make their day, especially if they love the sweeter things in life! 

Our shopping options show the personalisation option when you add items to your basket. Simply add the product into your basket, type your message in the required file, select your sticker and bob’s your uncle, the message will feature within the box! Our gift cards and stickers come in a range of designs and colours, meaning that your personalised message compliments the candy inside perfectly!

We offer different shopping options to suit different budgets and tastes, meaning you can find the perfect gift for any occasion. And for any order over £50 we offer free standard delivery on anything in your basket.

Plus, when the sweets have been enjoyed, our empty sweet jars are ideal for storage and look fab sitting on kitchen shelves. Perfect to fill with dried pasta, rice or perhaps even more candy!

Our range of products are perfect for a wide range of occasions, making great additions to candy tables at weddings, ideal as birthday presents or great as a centrepiece for parties and get-togethers. You could even mix sweets together to create your own unique combination!

Our commitment to our customers

At the heart of all that we do at the Sweet Hamper Company are our customers. Whether it's offering the highest standard of product, providing faster checkout, and even offering free standard delivery on all orders over £50, we always take the time to look after our customers. 

We take feedback on board every time and we’re constantly looking for ways in which we can improve our offering on the website. If you have any issues with the products in your basket, or your delivery, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Any conversation feedback we have from customers is always carefully considered and implemented where possible, and we take the time to ensure that all the aspects of our website work correctly and are showing stock correctly. As a result, we’re regarded as one of the best companies in the UK for sweets, chocolate and confectionery gifts! 

Browse our full range across our website, search for the perfect gift, pop the product in your basket and go to the close checkout to complete your order today!