1970s Retro Sweets

Why choose The Sweet Hamper Company?

At the Sweet Hamper Company, we know a thing or two about 1970’s retro sweets - so much so we offer a fantastic range of 1970’s retro sweet themed products. You can purchase our range of 70s treats as sweet hampers, sweet bouquets, sweet boxes and sweet cones. 

Whether these delicious sweets take you back to your younger years or you are experiencing them for the first time, you will love the Sweet Hamper Company’s incredible selection.

If you know someone who will be celebrating a milestone birthday or a special anniversary, a 1970’s retro sweet gift would be the perfect way to mark the occasion. Put on a 70’s themed party and transport yourself and your friends back to this fabulous decade and reminisce over some 1970’s retro sweet favourites. 

Not only will the vintage colours of the packaging transport you down memory lane, but the distinctive flavour of the best 1970’s sweets. Sherbet fountains, fizzy cola bottles to suck on, anglo bubbly, fizz wiz and the classic chewing nuts will also have you wanting to dance the night away to some Bee Gees disco hits.

Each of our 1970’s retro sweet products is lovingly selected and packaged by hand. We carefully package up each order to ensure that our 1970s retro sweets arrive with you in pristine condition and are perfectly presented for that special occasion. 

Remember the 70s?

Disco dancing, glitter balls, flared trousers, groovy music and iconic films, the 1970s were synonymous with many things. Not least, 1970’s retro sweets.

It was the decade that brought the world the Farrah haircut, super large collars and John Travolta’s dance moves. Types of music ranged from the Bee Gees to Black Sabbath; no matter what music you listened to, everyone loved the taste of the sweets from that era.

It was the time of sitting down with your family to watch classic sitcoms such as Dallas, Starsky and Hutch, and Charlie’s Angels. There was nothing better than watching Happy Days and eating the tastiest of 1970’s sweets. So, put some reruns on the TV, grab your family and let the Sweet Hamper Company transport you to the taste of the 1970s.

Types of 1970’s sweets

Flying saucers with their tasty sherbet filling that melted in your mouth were all the rage, especially when playing the newly released space invaders. There were delicious Wham bars through to candy sticks. Liquorice sticks to the mighty chocolate curly wurly and the sharing of your Love Hearts with a secret crush. 

Who can forget the crackle sensation on your tongue from the different flavours of the popular fizz wiz space dust; the popping candy that would explode in your mouth!?

Remember the retro classics such as fizzy cola bottles, fruit salad chews, sweet peanuts, parma violets,  black jacks and the classic bubble gum anglo bubbly? 

Imagine having a selection of these old fashioned sweets, that would bring back the memories of the tasty candy you used to eat when you were a child. Let the Sweet Hamper Company help you to take this trip down memory lane and enjoy the incredible sweets this lively era has to offer.

Make your gift extra special!

From sweet hampers and sweet bouquets to our sweet cones and other products, our 1970’s sweet range is fit to burst with old fashioned favourites from the decade. 

If you have bought your 1970’s sweets as a gift, make it stand out and show how much you care by including a personalised message on our beautifully designed cards, free of charge!

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