American Sweets

When you think of America, what words do you think of? Big, bold and tasty of course! 

On the other side of the world from Northern Ireland, England, Wales, the beautiful Scottish Highlands and the Channel Islands, the USA has always tried to put everything in the UK to shame by making everything bigger, bolder and in some cases better. The same goes for their delicious american candy.

Types of American treats

The Americans adore massive drinks of their sweets soda and their cheesy snacks. They love their version of chocolate in the form of Hersheys and they can’t get enough of  the biggest packs of their scrumptious treats such as Nerds, the nutty delight of Reeces, laffy taffy and jolly ranchers. 

American food and drink products are enjoyed by everyone from around the world and many of the most delectable American sweets can now be purchased on our website.

At the Sweet Hamper Company, we know a thing or two about tasty American sweets such as their famous peanut butter chocolate bar, Reeces and sour tasting nerds. We can put these delicious treats together with many other american favourites such to form different sized hampers of sweets, bouquets of sweets, boxes of sweets or cones filled with your favourite American sweets. 

So grab yourself, your favourite soda, sit back and enjoy your favourite film eating some of this delicious american food from one of the uk's largest suppliers of American candy, the Sweet Hamper Company.


Perfect for any occasion

Our ever growing range  of American candy is perfect for any occasion. An amazing gift for birthdays, anniversaries or just to say thank you our great value products containing american treats would make anyone super happy. They would be the perfect gift for any friends living in the UK from America. A wonderful reminder of home. Friends and family who love American sweets would be ecstatic to receive some of our scrumptious collection. Our selection of American sweet gifts has the very best range of American style candy available in the UK.

Put on a party!

If you are thinking of putting on any American themed parties either for Thanksgiving, or July 4th our wide range of american goodies would be just perfect to add an authentic American taste to your event. American candy gifts  are always a firm favourite with everyone!

Why choose the Sweet Hamper Company?

We know about sweet treats. We live and breathe sweets. American candy is a firm favourite within the company. We will only pick the american sweets that have the most delicious flavours .

As we are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of candy, we have the widest range of american goodies in stock. From our large range of american sweets we can then make the most delicious hampers, boxes, bouquets and cones  that will delight any recipient. Our selection of American sweet gifts has the very best range of American style candy available in the UK.

Perfect packaging for American Candy

Each of our American food and drink products are lovingly selected and packaged by hand. They each will be carefully packaged so that your american food and drinks products arrive with you in pristine condition. They will also be perfectly presented for any occasion.

After your first order with us; the distinctive flavour of the best in american treats such as soda, the chocolate Hersheys, laffy taffy will have you completing a search for your next holiday to the states.

Making your first order

You can view our extensive range of candy and gifts using our website. Our full page of products can easily be found. Have a search through the website  to see what amazing gifts we have to offer. They are sure to leave you drooling! We also offer delicious sweets from different decades if you fancy a trip down memory lane. 

We post on Facebook and mention any sale items or items on special offer on our Facebook page too. 

At the Sweet Hamper Company we also offer free delivery to the mainland UK for orders over £50.

Delivery for orders in mainland UK

We offer fast delivery and aim to have all orders dispatched within 48 hours of the order being placed not including the weekends and banks holidays. Please be aware delivery times are estimates and are dependent on the postal service. For larger orders of American food and drink gifts (over £50) we offer free UK delivery. For other gifts we offer standard mainland UK delivery excluding Scottish highlands.

We are a small company based in the mainland UK where each of our American food and drink delights are lovingly selected and packaged by hand. They will also be perfectly presented for any occasion. Due to the care that we take with this we cannot guarantee next day delivery or same day shipping. We currently only offer free delivery on our wonderful products if your order is over £50.

We can’t wait to receive your order

We know about sweets. We live and breathe all the different types of sweets. American style candy is a firm favourite within the company. We will only pick the most delectable of candy for our hampers, boxes, bouquets and cones that we know you will love!