Vegan Sweet Hampers & Boxes

Did you know, not all sweets are suitable for vegans? In fact, many of our favourite pick ‘n’ mix varieties, candies and chocolates contain animal products, meaning that they’re not vegan friendly.

The gummy texture in chewy sweets such as jelly babies and fruit gums isn’t made using ingredients such as glucose syrup, modified potato starch or even maize starch… In fact, it is made by using gelatin, and the glossy shine on some sweets and candy is created using beeswax. Plus some colourings actually contain conchiel, which believe it or not is made using ground up beetles!

Therefore, if you’re looking for a gift for a sweet tooth vegan, it’s important to do your research.

Luckily, the Sweet Hamper Company has made it easy to find vegan sweets and gifts appropriate for vegan diets.

However, if you’re looking for sweet treats for someone with a special dietary requirement, never fear as the Sweet Hamper Company offers a range of vegan hampers, vegan sweet boxes, bouquets and other box products which contain only vegan sweets.

The contents of our vegan sweets box, bag and hamper products have been handpicked in order to ensure our vegan products contain only the finest and highest quality sweets which are vegan friendly. From traditional pick ‘n’ mix flavours, to scrumptious retro sweets, our vegan sweets products come in a variety of different sizes and styles to suit any taste or budget.

Each vegan sweet hamper, box, bouquet, jar or cone is lovingly packed by our team of candy connoisseurs to ensure that they are delivered in perfect condition.

Plus, you can use our personalisation service to send a unique message to the recipient - making the Sweet Hamper Company’s vegan sweets the ideal gift for a friend or family member.

Check out our full selection of vegan candy products and bags below. And don’t forget, we also offer vegetarian sweet items as well! Orders over £50 benefit from free delivery.


What makes a confectionary appropriate for vegans ?

Not all candy, chocolate and other confectionery is suitable for vegans? In fact, there are many varieties of sweets which contains animal products or derivatives, including within ingredients which create a gummy texture or even in a glazing agent to make the sweets shine.

Sweets such as fizzy cola bottles, fruit jellies and even a gummy mix can contain animal products which you may not realise feature in the recipe. After all, how can something which is so full of sugar have animal products in it?

Many candy varieties including fizzy cola bottles, strawberry laces, rhubarb and custards, bon bons, flying saucers and bubblegum bottles could contain some animal derivatives, mainly in the form of gelatine which is used as a gelling agent in many recipes. Gelatine is made from animal bones, making it an absolute no no for vegans and vegetarians. Gelatine is mixed with other ingredients to create chewy candy, such as glucose syrup, citric acid, maize starch and modified potato starch. In fact, there are even some colours which are made using animal products, such as ground up beetle shells - again completely unsuitable for vegans! 

 However, these days many brands and manufacturers are actually turning to alternative ingredients to create the same great taste and texture, but 100% vegan and veggie friendly. For example, the ingredients fizzy cola bottles can be easily swapped out to create the same sensation we all know and love, whilst still using ingredients such as glucose syrup, potato starch and lactic acid.

 At the Sweet Hamper Company we have the lowdown on the UK’s favourite vegan sweets, and as a result we’ve worked hard to ensure some of the top choices feature in our huge selection of vegan sweet hamper gifts. As more and more people turn to a plant based diet, the team has worked hard to create a selection which suits a wide variety of different dietary preferences, meaning that you can order online safe in the knowledge that your lovely gift will tick all the right boxes.


Why chose the Sweet Hamper Company for a vegan sweet hamper box?

 Quite simply, we only select the best of the best to feature in a vegan candy hamper on our online shop. Our team of experts take the time to fully research the right sweets for the right hamper, and we’re super proud of our huge range of gifts which are suitable for any occasion, including a loved ones birthday. We also offer a fantastic subscription service, meaning you can enjoy a delivery of treats every month!

 Our gift options include a variety of different styles of vegan candy hamper and different price points to suit an array of budgets. Our tasty hampers are fit to burst with bags of candy, making them the ideal gift for the kids, friends and the whole family. Whether you love sherbet lemons, rhubarb and custard or even flying saucers, you can be rest assured that our vegan categories only contain vegan friendly food.


What goes into our vegan sweets hampers?

Our hamper boxes which we sell are laden with colours and fresh fruit flavours. We’re experts in ensuring the highest quality products and sweets from across the world go inside our gifts. So much so, we’re always tempted to eat our stock as a snack.

We only select the finest quality candies, sweets, chocolates and confectionery to feature in our sugar laden gifts. Our products feature many different tasty brands and flavours, making the perfect sugar snack for any time of the day or night.

Add a free gift message or personalised note within the favourite vegan sweets hampers

All of our products on our website are completely personalisable, and you can include a lovely gift note inside the box when you add it to your basket and go to checkout. Simply select the personalisation option when you add the gift item into your basket, search and choose the beautifully designed gift card to be placed inside, write your note and it will be safely packaged inside the hamper. What’s more, our personalisation service is completely free, meaning the price is always right, whatever your budget! You don’t even have to set up an account with us to use this free service, unlike other different sellers you may find online.


Customers care is our priority 

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