Christmas Sweet Hampers & Boxes

Check out our range of Christmas Sweet hampers, Christmas chocolate hampers, boxes and other gifts below! Jam-packed with sweet treats and chocolate goodies including a selection of Christmas-themed delights. All Christmas hampers and Christmas boxes come included with Christmas tissue, gorgeously packed, and a range of Christmas-themed gift cards. Just click the 'personalise it' button and type your own special message!

You are also able to add a Christmas card to all products across the website - in case something else took your fancy. Our range of wonderful Christmas sweets includes elves, Christmas trees, and penguins! All taste absolutely wonderful and will be enjoyed before Christmas.

Christmas Sweet Gifts

Christmas sweet hampers are a simply wonderful gift for someone that might be a little tricky to purchase for. if you're in that situation, there's no shame in it at all - some people are, quite simply, hard to buy for! Never fear, Christmas sweet gifts are a great solution to the problem.

If you're looking for gifts for friends then we'd suggest subtly asking about the types of candy that they like - do they prefer chocolate, for example, or fruity gummies? Having a little background knowledge will allow you to include a friend's preferences (even raspberry sherbet) in your hamper.

Christmas sweet gifts can be a really great way to create gift boxes that feels personal without having to traipse to different shops or even different sites.

We make creating personaliSed sweet hampers really easy!

Christmas Treat Boxes

Christmas sweet hampers can be truly wonderful gifts to bring a personalised slice of joy into someone's life. There's something that everyone tends to do well on Christmas day, and that's eat!

However, we generally have a mountain of food for Christmas dinner, only to have a slice of cake or pudding thereafter, and lapse into a food coma for the rest of the day. Then, mid-afternoon, you tend to come to a little and look for something else to munch on.

Why not step in at that point of the day with sweets that taste like a little slice of heaven, ready to make sure that any guests you might have are in love with the day that they've had? All you need to do is mention your details during our simple checkout process, and you'll be able to send sweets anywhere in the world.

While we would advise that adults do the checkout process, consider getting your children around to select the sweets that will make Christmas day that much more special! Children know the world of candy better than most, so treating them as an authority is only sensible.

Personalised Hampers For You

Personalised sweet hampers can be a really great way to ensure that the sweets in your home are ideal for you and your gifts.

From price to flavor, you choose the content of your order, allowing you to make sure that your selection doesn't include those sweets that you always loathe to munch on.

Our stock of sweets is always replete with some great offers sure to allow you to make a wonderful combination of sweets in your hampers.

These personalised gifts bring a lot of value to the hampers that we offer, allowing you to have a truly complete Christmas day no matter what.

Sort your way through our list of sweets to be sure that your hampers are built to your liking - we're sure you won't be disappointed, whether the hampers are gifts to yourself or a loved one.

A Sweet, Happy Hamper

Sweet hampers no longer need to be a complicated stab in the dark with regard to what you're likely to get. Instead, you could simply sit down on a Friday night, and tap your way through our options to assemble the ideal hampers from the comfort of your home.

Without our UK-based business, we're able to pack and send hampers all around the world in no time at all! From Friday, you might even be able to get your sweets delivered on Monday! What better way to cure the pre-Christmas morning blues than a few sweets with your lunch?

Mouth-watering Treat Boxes

Our delicious treat boxes will make just as good a gift for a friend as they would for yourself and your home. Offering a great stock of sweets in your home will allow you to bring a tasty and complete slice of joy into your home.

Adults and little ones will surely gather around to get their hands on your stock of sweets, and at our fair price, no one will be put out.

Consider getting yourself sweets this Christmas. Life can be tough in the day-to-day, and Christmas is a wonderful time for gifts to yourself. While it might seem a little unusual, a few gifts for yourself can brighten the atmosphere of your home immeasurably.