American Chocolate

Here at the Sweet Hamper Company, we absolutely love sweet treats from across the pond… especially if they’re of the chocolate variety.

American chocolate comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and flavours, and it's this variety that makes American chocolate some of the best-loved brands in the entire world. Let's grab a Hershey's chocolate bar and get transported stateside.

From American chocolate hampers and boxes, right through to show-stopping American chocolate bouquets, we can’t get enough of these delectable goodies from the US of A. 

Classic American Chocolate Bar

Our range of American chocolate products includes a wide selection from the number one brand of American chocolates, Hershey's. These include the decadent Hershey's strawberries and cream bar; a mouthwatering mix of rich white cocoa and strawberry, Hershey's cookies and cream bar; an exquisite white chocolate bar with bits of cookies and the tasty birthday cake flavoured Hershey's sprinkles and cream bar.

We cannot get enough of the delicious Hershey chocolate bars, they are what dreams are made of!

More American chocolates

Our stock of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups by Hershey's is second to none and includes Reece's sticks filled with peanut butter and wafer covered in milk chocolate, and the very sharable Reece's Mini Peanut Butter Cup pouch. However, no one really wants to share this heavenly, rich-tasting American candy!

We also stock the famous Tootsie Rolls for everyone's favourite sugar fix. It is the perfect mixture of smooth caramel and taffy. They taste delish! The tootsie roll is an icon in American culture and now is your chance of indulging in the delicious chocolate taffy. Another icon in American candy is the Charleston chew bars. The Charleston chews are soft flavoured nougat covered in milk chocolate. A real delicious treat for any lover of choco!

The perfect range of American chocolates

Here at The Sweet Hamper Company our wide range of delectable American chocolates, from divine dark chocolate to the most decadent duos that contain more than one candy bar are enough to get you drooling and wishing you were stateside. Who's for a kit kat duos strawberry!?

So whether you’re searching for the perfect birthday present, an anniversary gift, sending Christmas wishes, celebrating other special occasions, or even just a treat for yourself you’ve come to the right place if you love American candy!

Make your chocolate products personal

Each product in our American cocoa range is crafted by hand and includes only the highest quality chocolate bars and treats. Each hamper, gift box or bouquet is filled to the brim with everyone's favourite American candy from Reece's to Tootsie Rolls. Each of our products are carefully packaged by hand to ensure that they are fully protected during transit and arrives with you in tip-top condition.

At the Sweet Hamper Company, we offer a personalisation service if you’d like to send a message to a special someone alongside their gift. Simply select the personalised gift card and include your unique message at the checkout, and we’ll do the rest.

American Chocolate Bars & Dark Chocolate

Search through our stock of Reese's American bars from the other side of the world that contain peanuts and peanut butter. The peanut covered in milk chocolate is an iconic taste from across the pond. We don't yet sock dark chocolate from American but as soon as we can, we will.

Need inspiration?

If that’s got your mouth watering, see our full selection of American products here, or check out the rest of our incredible products including retro sweets hampers on our website here.

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