Valentines Day Sweets & Sweet Hampers

Valentine's day is quickly approaching. You see the sight of all the cuddly teddy bears with 'I Love You' on, red roses everywhere, red balloons. The cost of going out to your favourite restaurant is enough to make you cry. 

You want to get your loved one something to show them how much you care. You want to get something that you know they will enjoy. Something that won't sit high on a shelf, get dusty and not looked at again. 

This is where the Sweet Hamper Company is here to help you get the perfect gift for your loved one, with our collection of Valentine's Day Sweets and Sweet Hampers.  

Valentines Day

Imagine having a lovely night in having cooked a fantastic meal. Then you surprise your better half with a beautifully wrapped Valentines Day Sweet Hamper. Their eyes light up, and you feel relieved; you did the right thing. Especially for your sweetheart, who you know loves nothing more than a sweet treat!

The hamper is opened and inside, carefully selected, and prepared are the most delectable treats. Inside are delicious chocolates to tasty retro sweets from decades past. Your loved one starts on their first bit of chocolate and then offers you a bite. You smile. A perfect moment. This is a gift that won't go dusty on any shelf!

Do you want the same feeling of giving an incredible gift on Valentine's Day? Then the Sweet Hamper Company's selection of Valentine's gifts is for you. 

The only problem you will have is keeping any kids or other family members away from the delicious treats!

Sweet gifts

We have a range of different style hampers available for Valentines Day. We have the traditional hamper basket or a gift box for this special day. Both are filled with delicious treats that represent the day of love. Think heart shapes and red packaging galore! 

Hampers will contain the favourite candy love hearts and the fun Haribo heartthrobs. They will also include some of the tastiest chocolate around, such as Ferrero Rocher and Lindt; both chocolates are perfect for dessert!

Is your sweetheart more of a sweet fan? Instead of a hamper that contains chocolate, perhaps a sweet jar would be the ideal gift. Again, the sweet jars will be filled with the tastiest candy treats around that represent the occasion. 

Make it personal

Now you have chosen the perfect gift for your Valentine; you need to make it extra special. At the Sweet Hamper Company, we can personalise any gift you buy from us, even the Valentines Day sweet hampers. The message you want to send is written on a cute card placed inside the hamper. 

Anyone who receives one of our hampers with our yummy range of chocolate and sweets along with a personalised message inside will surely love it! 

Why choose the Sweet Hamper Company?

We love to make all our customers feel extra special. Any hamper placed in your shopping basket and goes through the checkout, will have been carefully packaged and wrapped by people who want to make you happy.

For your Valentine's gift hamper, everything will be packaged to the highest of standards using tissue paper and wrapping paper with a Valentine's gifts theme.

We carefully choose each treat to ensure only the highest quality of products reach you.

Did you forget about Valentine's Day? Or any other special occasion? We can save the day! We aim to package and send each gift hamper within 48 hours. 

Not just for February!

At the Sweet Hamper Company, we stock a wide variety of different hampers, baskets, cones, and sweet jars suitable for every special occasion and price range! 

Are you having a birthday party? We have retro sweet hampers from numerous decades. They can be used as a fabulous gift, or sweet jars can be placed on party tables. Retro sweets such as flying saucers, fizz whizz and dip dab will give everyone a trip down memory lane.

Need treats for Christmas? We have a Christmas shop that is filled with Christmas gifts. Who wouldn't want a great tasting Christmas Sweet Hamper?

Don't forget other occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Easter. Be on the lookout for any occasion hamper or choose your own.


Need more sweets in your life?

Love our sweet treats? You can now get a hamper subscription from the Sweet Hamper Company! In two different sizes, you will receive a different selection of our favourite sweet treats each month. Fun for all ages, it will be a surprise what comes through the letterbox each month. Which goodies will you get? Subscribe today!

See below for our range of delicious Valentine's Day treats. Let the Sweet Hamper Company help you find those perfect gifts!