Build Your Own Sweet Hamper

Yes that's right, build your very own sweet hamper online! Mix sweets, flavours, colours and create your very own special gift for any special occasion. Making your own hamper means you can include a combination of first class 70s goodies with pick n mix favourites - because why not! Everyone loves sweets!

Just select below your preferred size and fill your hamper basket from our range of sweets from our online sweet shop. Build your own sweet hamper and create gifts that can be shared and enjoyed! With personalised gift cards available to add free of charge on every order and a range of designs to choose from.

And for those chocolate lovers, don't panic! We offer a hamper build service for you too - meaning you can cram all of your (or your recipients) favourite bars into a gift basket. They will taste as good as they look!

Why not choose a few of your favourite sweets too, just in case you're lucky enough to taste a few! ;)

Your Very Own Hamper

From retro sweets such as liquorice all sorts and cola bottles to those models favourites like Vimto chew bars and sour dummies. We stock it all and it can all be packed into your very own hamper. To view the full selection of sweets that you can add into your hampers, click on one of the below sweet basket options and see for yourself! You really can create a sweet present ;)

The range and quantity of sweets we have in stock means you're able to create something special with these hampers. Before you checkout make sure you include a personalised gift card which are available on all products below.

Shop around the rest of our online sweets store and select one of our own ready made hampers or boxes. They make for great gifts and you don't have to pick what goes inside - we've done the hard work for you! Don't worry though, you can still personalise the hamper with candy covered gift cards :)

It won't be long before you can add some American candy to our build your own sweet hamper products too - just bare with us a little longer! Shop our selection of American sweets and hampers here.

We're a small family run business in Essex looking to create the best selection of sweet and chocolate goodies on the market. Please check out all of our shop where we offer everything from chocolate bouquets to sweets from America! If there are any products you think we can add, we'd love to hear.

We offer fast UK, tracked delivery to ensure your gifts arrive on time. DPD Local are our courier of choice to collect from our warehouse and deliver to your door in under 2 days! If you experience any issues with our delivery please let us know as we aim to deliver the very best service.