Build Your Own Sweet Hamper - 40 Fillings

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The largest build your own sweet hamper product on our website, cramming in 40 of your very own fillings into a 12" hamper! Yes that's right, you can select 40 products from the below list of goodies and add your very own personalised gift card. You can even select the colour of the tissue paper.

Choose from a huge range of sweet treats below, from Giant Fizzers to Flumps! You can fill these hampers with as many of one product as your heart desires. Maybe you just love the taste of fizzy watermelons?

These hampers are sent via tracked delivery, and fast dispatch too. Please note; we do our very best to ensure all of our individual items are in stock. But every now and again we do run out or have supply issues. but rest assured, if this happens we'll put in something extra :)