Valentines Sweet Jar

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Check our out Valentines Sweet Jar! Containing a wonderful mix of themed sweet goodies such as Love Hearts Candy Lipstick and Twist Hearts to more retro classic sweets such as Double Dip. They come with a selection of romantic designs to choose from, on which you can add your own special message.

This jar makes for the perfect Valentines gift. The Valentines sweet jar is bound to bring a smile to anyones face on the day of love. The big question is will they share this gift with you or eat it all on their own?!

All of our Valentines sweet jars are hand packed and delivered in the UK. The plastic jars are fully reusable with screw on lids. Please note that some of the jars contents may change depending on stock.

Our Valentines Sweet Jars contain:

1x Plastic Sweet Jar
Double Dip
Heart Throbs
Pink Foam Mushrooms
Refresher Chew Bar Strawberry
Haribo Supermix Share Bag
Love Hearts Candy Lipstick
Haribo Tangfastics Treat Bag
Strawberry Jawbreakers
Skittles Original
Love Hearts
Fruity Lollypops
Millions Strawberry
Fizz Wizz Popping Candy Strawberry
Drumstick Mega Lolly