Huge 1980s Sweet Box

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The Sweet Hamper Company Huge 1980s Sweet Box is rocking an awesome amount of 80s retro sweets and goodies. Including classics such as flying saucers, Wham bars, Hubba Bubba and much more! This box comes free with a customisable gift card with a range of 80s styled designs to choose from.

There's no better way to bring a smile to the face of someone with this retro box and it can be delivered directly to their door.

The Huge 1980s Sweet Boxes are hand packed in the UK, with a selection old school & retro sweets. Please note that some of the boxes contents may change depending on stock.

An example Huge 1980s Sweet Box contains: 

1x Branded Gift Box
Fizzy Dracula Teeth
Fried Eggs
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Hubba Bubba
Teddy Bears
Dolly Mixture
Maoam Stripes
Millions Bubblegum Tubes
Double Lollies - 3 Lollies
Giant Love Hearts
Fruity Pops Original - 3 Lollies
Tongue Painter Lollies
Wham Bar
Vimto Chew Bar
Double Dip Original
Flying Saucers
Candy Whistle
Candy Lipstick
Chewits Fruit Salad
Chewits Xtreme Extremely Sour Apple Chews
Toxic Waste Yellow Tub
Liquorice Allsorts
Mini Hot Dogs
Refreshers Strawberry Chew Bar
Skittles Chewy Tropical