Are Haribo Gluten Free?

Haribo is one of the most popular sweet treats in the world, and is now over 100 years old! Who’d have thought those little bundles of pure sugary joy have been around for so long? The company began in 1920 by a man named Hans Riegel Sr. Interestingly the name Haribo is an acronym of his full name (Hans Riegel Bonn). The brand can be found in over 100 country and employs over 7000 people worldwide - quite some achievement.

Haribo sweets have lots of fans from near enough every country in the world these days. Colourful gummy bears, tasty candies, juicy jellies, and a variety of delicious candies are all openly available in nearly every shop or supermarket you walk in to.

Are Haribo Gluten Free?

But have you ever questioned if all of the products of the company are gluten free? It’s becoming a more and more important question in this day and age and you’ll be pleased to know we have supplied the answer for you below!

First of all, let’s find out what is gluten.

Gluten is a complex protein found in wheat and most grains.

What is important to remember, gluten is unable to harm people who do not have a gluten allergy or genetic predisposition to celiac disease.

If you check the official Haribo website, according to them, you will see, that most of the candies or sweet are considered to be Gluten free. However, let’s check out which of their range contain gluten and which do not.

The candies mentioned below are gluten-free. However, it is important to read labels to ensure that all products are gluten-free. When in doubt, consumers should contact the manufacturer directly to confirm the ingredients. Please also note that this list is up to date to June 2021:

Alphabet Letters

Apples (available in bulk)

Centipedes (available in bulk)


Fizzy Cola


Fruit Salad 



Gold Bears

Grapefruit (available in bulk)

Happy Cola

Happy Hoppers

Mini Rainbow Frogs


Pink Grapefruit (available in bulk)


Rattle Snakes

Sour Cherries (available in bulk)

Strawberries (available in bulk)

Strawberries & Cream


Techno Bears (available in bulk)


Twin Cherries

Haribo Sweets - Gluten Free

And the following Haribo products do contain gluten:

Fruity Pasta 

Juicy Gold Bears

Licorice Wheels

Sour S’ghetti

Strawberry Wheels

As we see, most of the Haribo products say that they are “gluten-free”. And among them are world favourite Juicy Gold Bears. So until you see it on the package, most likely the candies will contain gluten.

So it is clear that a lot of (but not all) Haribo items are gluten free. So if you have a sweet tooth or a Coeliac, Haribo sweets might be a choice.

Apart from gluten-contained sweets, Haribo company uses wheat flour: Sour S'ghetti, Fruity Pasta, Brixx, Black Licorice Wheels, Red Licorice Wheels, Konfekt, and Pontefract Cakes. Strawberries & Cream and Konfekt contain milk.

The list above can cause allergic reactions, so it’s important to remember that Haribo sweets apart from gluten may contain many more things that may trigger reactions. Please as always check with your doctor if you are unsure.

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