Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Beginning with L

Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Beginning with L

In the world of sweets, there are always more and more new types to consider. In this one, we’re visiting Lindt chocolate hamper and love hearts, since we’re talking about sweets beginning with L!

Finding some great offerings for this particular category was hard, and some lists online only include liquorice! With that in mind, think about what your favourite ‘L’ sweet is, and see if it’s on our list.

Lindt Chocolate Hamper

Lindt makes some wonderfully rich and complex chocolate, and they’ve been in the business of doing just that for quite some time now. This is something that might sound a little odd, but we’ve always felt that Lindt strikes a perfect halfway point between Cadbury’s exact flavour and Galaxy’s exceptional melting. In between those two points, there lies Lindt chocolate, from balls to Lindor balls.

Our Lindt chocolate hamper contains a number of different Lindt products, all of which offer that brilliant sweetness and creaminess that’s so hard to turn down. To be sure that you get as much of that goodness as possible for the next big event or gift in your life, we’d certainly recommend the Lindt chocolate hamper - it’s hard to go wrong with something like that.

Large Lint Chocolate Hamper

Laffy taffy

Laffy taffy is a staple of a US candy store, combining sweet sugariness with the stringy delight of great taffy. To create a really delicious treat, the taffy is stretched and pulled under heat until it is powerfully strong - the end result is always a delight!


Life savers

Life savers, also known as ‘polos’ elsewhere in the world, are little rings of candy that can be flavoured in a range of ways. They may be white and flavoured with mint, such as the UK candy ‘polo mints’. More commonly, though, they’re multicoloured and flavoured with a number of different fruits in mind.


Liquorice is another classic British confectionary that we really adore. While there isn’t as much call for it in a number of circles as there once was, there’s something really unique about the flavour that we utterly adore.

Liquorice itself has an almost indescribable aniseed flavour. It’s not quite nutty, and yet it is somehow a little nutty. On top of that, it has a rich scent that’s potent and can feel exceptionally strong when compared to some other confectionaries - the powerful aroma is enough to turn some people away, but certainly not us

Over time, sherbet fountains got replaced a little by dib dabs - a confectionery that felt very similar but had something different at its heart. Instead of a stick of liquorice that could be used to dunk into some sherbet, you were given pressed sugar which, when wet with your saliva, would pick up sherbet really well. While this is great, it’s a far cry from the classic aniseed flavour that we look back on fondly.

All Sorts

Lion Bar

Lion bars themselves are maybe not a true candy, but what’s more commonly sold is the small pieces of lion bar that are portioned up in small bags. These combinations of caramel, wafer, and cereal grains are something of an old school treat, while they also bring a range of delightful sugary flavours to your mouth.

The beloved thing about lion bars is, most commonly, that they’re bound and enrobed in chocolate, creating a delightful caramel flavour that’s combined with such a wealth of chocolate that the final treat is almost overpowering - how delicious!

Lion Bar

Love Hearts

Love hearts are something truly exceptional - the pressed sugar sweet, combined with the sharp, tart flavours, serves to make the whole confectionery something that feels both old-school and super modern.

Through the years, these tasty sweets have gone through a few changes, from having things like ‘fax me’ written on them at one point, to have more and more colours designed to bring a little pop of joy into the life of the muncher.

Love hearts are simply unique, with their fizzy characteristics and fruity flavour notes combining to form a joyous candy that is beloved around the world. They’ve been around since 1954, and we hope they’re around until, at the very least, 2054!

We offer the giant love hearts that you may well see in your local corner shop as well as the love hearts vanilla candy sticks that are sweet, rich, and just sugary enough to give you a little boost when you need it. How tasty! They can of course be found in most of our sweet hampers!

Love Heart


While we’re not really sure whether or not lollipops are technically sweet, they certainly tasty like one! The classic Chupa Chups offerings are delicious and classic, from simple fruits to more complicated flavours like butterscotch.

Personally, we love double lollies - the treats made from pressed sugar that taste a lot like love hearts. Their simple flavour and crunchy texture made them an instant favourite when we were kids, and we love them just as much now!

We also offer Vimto lollipops on our site, which is something that we’d partially forgotten about for a long, long time. The flavour of Vimto is something else - utterly bright and fruity, with some slightly tangy notes, too. Bringing that into a lollipop format is something else, and we’re in love with the little treats.