Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Sweets Beginning with The Letter N

Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Sweets Beginning with The Letter N

Candy is a wonderful and much-varied thing. Out there in the world, there's a huge desire for some wonderful candy, and companies and chefs are eager to respond.

In keeping with the huge desire for great candy, chefs have combined whipped egg whites, sour cream, roasted peanuts, candied fruit, and caramel into a wide variety of things. Therefore, there are at least a few great sweets beginning with the letter N.

And we know, technically these aren't all sweets/candy - but there was a surprising lack of sweets beginning with N!

Sweets beginning with N

This is quite a hard category to deal with if we're being totally honest. We made up this list by pulling these names out of our memory, and then we had to do a little research to boost the list to what you see here. There really aren't that many candy items that start with n!

Despite that, we've done the very best we can - here is a definitive list of all the different varieties of candy that start with n!


Nerds are perhaps the first thing that you thought of when you conjured up a list of candies beginning with N - they're iconic! They are produced by the Ferrara candy company, though they're branded as a Wonka candy creation - like the book and movie.

Essentially, nerds are a simple and delectable creation for anyone with a sweet tooth. They're the perfect blend of bright fruity flavors and sweet, chewy texture. These American sweets are of course a staple in a number of our American sweet hampers and boxes.



Nougat is a great many things to a great many people - it has a long, complex history. Most commonly in the modern day, it can be found as a soft, smooth paste within a candy bar. This paste will be super sweet, naturally, and may be alongside plenty of caramel.

A number of nestle classic options contain plenty of this style of nougat, though the most famous is likely the milky way bar - sold as the 3 Musketeers in the US and Canada.

A more traditional form of nougat is typically a little chewier and richer, stuffed with roasted nuts and sugar to create a textured treat. This is quite rare nowadays, though it can still be found.



Napoleon candy is sweet from Belgium. They're a very simple sweet, made from hard candy, and have a slightly acidic core. The candy is wrapped in plastic with a small depiction of the original Napoleon, and is only sold in the north of France, as well as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Nestle Chocolate

Nestle chocolate is a vast company, that makes many different kinds of a candy bar. They're so vast that we would certainly say that they make most people's favorite candy.

They're most famous, nowadays, for being so huge - they have a huge share of the candy industry worldwide, and their products can be found in a huge number of stores.

They make twix, snickers, KitKat, Smarties, and many other things to boot. The flavors may take you down memory lane since the creative candy names are terribly eye-catching for children. Our chocolate hampers are jam packed with these chocoholic goodies.

Nestle Chocolate

Nestle Crunch

The nestle crunch bar is a sweet treat that effortlessly combined chocolate and cereal to make a texturally interesting example of candy. They were first produced in 1965, and the nestle crunch has been popular ever since!

The nestle crunch is reminiscent of some cereal offerings from nestle and similar companies, with nutty cornflake clusters and other cereals being present in the crunch bar itself.



While Nutella might not quite count, we're choosing to include it because it's so popular, and it's one of the few options that start with n!

Originally, Nutella was produced as a way to save money on sugar during the second world war in Italy, with the use of hazelnuts making smooth chocolate that was still sweet and tasty.

Rather than using another fatty ingredient like egg yolks, the hazelnuts bought richness to the Nutella which made for an instant classic.


Necco Wafers

Necco wafers are quite a US-centric candy. They're essentially just disks of wafer-thin flavored sugar candy, that are flavored differently from one wafer to the next. This flavor made them one of the most popular candies when they were first introduced, and has kept Necco wafers on the market for a long time now.

Neopolitan Coconut Candy

Before writing this article, we had no idea this product was called Neopolitan coconut candy! It's essentially flavored ground coconut that's dyed and bought together into small bars. The bars are pink, white, and brown, made to reflect Neapolitan ice cream.

Nutrageous Reeses! (link to our American hampers)

Nutregeous Reeses are a wonderful thing, and, thankfully for the list, they start with n!

Reeses make a lot of candy packed with all sorts of different nuts, and this example is no different - the bar is peanut butter, surrounded with peanuts and chewy caramel, and finished off with a decadent coat of chocolate. It's a taste sensation!

We offer this product as part of many of our candy hampers, and we'd certainly recommend checking them out - you can get many different types of candy in one delicious hamper, combining fruit candy flavors with chocolate, nuts, and interesting combinations that you've never tried before.

Nips Coffee

Nips coffee candy are the last true candy option on our list that start with n! This doesn't mean that they're any less delicious than some of the other options, however - they're utterly decadent and rich.

The smooth, sweet coffee flavor is balanced perfectly with the flavor and texture of the candy pieces, leading to a sugar-focussed snack that brings coffee to candy very easily.

What are some close calls?

There were a number of close calls when it comes to candy names beginning with the letter N, and we're going to run through a few of them here.

Nectarine-flavored candy

There are a number of different candies around the world with candy names that focus on the word nectarine.

However, the stone fruit isn't quite as popular or famous as it could be, meaning that the candy offerings can fall a little flat.

New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

A beautifully baked new york cheesecake is something truly sublime to enjoy. Rich, decadent, and wonderfully well-flavored, it's like nothing else!

It's not a type of candy, of course, but we wanted to give it a special mention on the list, due to how famous and unique the baked cheesecake is.

Rest assured, if we were to write an article on desserts beginning with n, then New York cheesecake will be at the top of the list!

Cocoa Nibs

Springing to fame from an episode of Brooklyn 99, cocoa nibs are crushed up pieces of the cocoa bean, before it has been made into chocolate. They have an intense dark chocolate flavor and are eaten as though they're candy quite often. They're technically not candy, but they're so close that they had to make it into this article.

 cocoa nibs

We hope that this short article on the many different types of candy out there in the world that involve the letter N has helped you to learn about a few new types of candy. We definitely feel educated! Try some new candy soon, and happy munching!