Give the kids a box full of joy with a kids hamper

Kids love nothing more than opening up a box full of surprises and goodies. From sweets, chocolate and other confectionery, to toys and games, kids hampers can come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. For children, lifting the lid on a kids sweet hamper can be like discovering a treasure chest of treats, and it’s always rewarding to see their little faces light up as they rummage through the box and marvel at everything inside it.

Kids Birthday Cakes

Kids hampers can be versatile and bespoke, and can be filled with all sorts of their favourite products. You can even get crafty yourself and make your own DIY kids hampers, containing anything from puzzles to colouring pencils. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas and other occasions, kids hampers are a super special way to mark the day.

We may be biased here at the Sweet Hamper Company, but for that reason we believe that kids hampers are one of the best gifts you can give kids (and the young at heart!). We’re experts in all things candy and sweets, and as a result our kids sweet hampers are one of our best selling products. Containing all sorts of goodies, including lilly pops, retro sweets and pick ‘n’ mix, a kids sweet hamper from the Sweet Hamper Company is sure to delight the little ones, and in this blog we take a sneak peek at some of our favourite products from the range.

So sit back and enjoy as we take you on a whistlestop tour of the Sweet Hamper Company’s top hampers for kids.


Sweet bouquets and chocolate bouquets

Laden with some of the UK’s favourite sweeties and chocolate bars, our sweet bouquets and chocolate bouquets are bursting with delicious treats. Lolly pops, Dairy Milk, Flumps, Wham bars, Drumsticks, you name it, you’ll find it in our range of sweet and chocolate bouquets. These certainly have the wow factor, and make a show stopping addition to any party table or presents display. 


Retro sweet hampers

Share your childhood favourites with the little ones by tucking into a retro sweet hamper. Full to the brim of classics from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, these hampers contain all the favourites such as Sherbet Fountains, pear drops and dolly mixtures. Take the kids on a trip down memory lane and reminisce over some delectable flavours from the past.

Kids Sweet Hamper

Sweet subscriptions

The gift that keeps on giving! Give the kids a surprise every month with a sweet subscription package from the Sweet Hamper Company. A box of sweets and chocolate through the letterbox every single month? The kids will LOVE it!

XL sweet hampers

Share the love with our XL range of kids sweet hampers. Perfect for the whole family, dig in and find your favourite treats, sweets and chocolates. Available in a range of sizes, our XL sweet hampers are ideal to share with everyone - and can make the perfect addition to a birthday party or get together!

So, if your kid's birthday is on the horizon, why not take a look through our range of kids sweet hampers and other kids gifts. They’re sure to get your taste buds tingling!