Expert Top Tips: How to make a sweet bouquet

As experts in all things sweet, we know how to create the wow factor when it comes to gifting and presents. From birthdays and Christmas, to Mother’s Day, Valentines’ Day or Father’s Day, gifting something sweet is guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. Because of this, it's no surprise that boxes of chocolates and sweets always come out on top when people are looking for presents for others.

However, if you fancy gifting something a little different from the bog standard box of chocolates, a DIY sweet bouquet could be just the ticket. 

How to make your own sweet bouquet

These hand-made beauties certainly create a show stopping centerpiece for any celebration and you can customise them to be chock-full of the recipient's favourite sweets and chocolate bars! In our opinion, sweet bouquets and chocolate bouquets are a more eye-catching choice when it comes to gifting for special occasions. And because they can be completely customisable and personalised, you can practically create a sweet or chocolate bouquet which is as large as you like! There are endless opportunities for candy and chocolate combinations - mix and match with some of your favourite goodies, or keep the bouquet all one flavour, it's completely up to you!


If you fancy getting crafty, this blog will outline the steps you need to take in order to create your very own sweet bouquet or chocolate bouquet. We’ll cover the basics to create the bouquet’s structure, however it's completely up to you what treats you fill it up with!



What materials you will need:


A gift bag - ideally, you should use a cardboard bouquet presentation box (you should be able to find these online)

Wooden skewers (supervise any children when using these as the ends will be sharp)

A polystyrene cube or foam block (why not recycle some old packaging in order to make the sweet bouquet sustainable as well!)

Adhesive tape

Tissue paper

Various chocolate bars, sweets, confestionary and lolly pops  

Decorative ribbon


Step one

Pop the polystyrene cube or a foam block into the base of your gift bag or box. Make sure that you trim the cube if you need to. This will help to ensure that it fits tightly within the box to avoid it coming loose. If it's not tight enough, we recommend packing some extra tissue paper around the edges.


Step two

Attach your chocolate bars and sweets to the wooden skewers. Remember, do not unwrap the chocolate or sweets - you want to stick the skewers onto the wrapping and not the chocolate / sweet itself.

Use transparent adhesive tape for this, and fix the chocolate bar / sweet at the very bottom, so that the join can’t be seen when the sweet bouquet is assembled.

To give the bouquet some added dimensions, we suggest using different height skewers.


Step three

Now it is time to put the bouquet together. Layer the sticks into the foam block one by one, building the effect of the bouquet as you add more to it.


Step four

Once you are happy with the layout of the skewers, wrap some tissue paper or wrapping paper around the outside to give it an additional flourish. You could also complete the look by tying a big bow around it using colourful ribbon.

If you don’t fancy getting crafty yourself, check out the Sweet Hamper Company’s full range of sweet bouquets and chocolate bouquets here. We will soon be adding a make your own sweet bouquet to go with our other make your own products!

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