It’s A Match! - The Perfect Chocolate Pairing Guide

It’s A Match! - The Perfect Chocolate Pairing Guide


Chocolate lovers around the world will know that chocolate is surprisingly versatile of this sweet treat - from being the perfect pair to a glass of wine to making a sweet fruit even sweeter, chocolate tastes really good with a whole range of foods and drinks.

Whether it's for an evening with friend or a quite moment to yourself - there is no better time to try a wonderful and fun chocolate pairing.

Our chocolate hampers and chocolate boxes are full of delicious chocolates that can be paired with so many amazing beverages. We have combined a list of some of our favourite chocolate pairings to share with you.

What Goes Well With Chocolate?

Around the world, chocolate is paired with many intense flavours both sweet and savoury to provide insane taste sensations. The flavour you choose depends on whether you like a decadent dessert or would consider yourself more of a savoury person who enjoys the bitterness of dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate and Beer

If you enjoy a stout beer, pair it with dark chocolate and experience the wonders of these chocolate combinations.

The stout beer already has a lot of chocolate, cacao, caramel and coffee notes to it - so high percent dark chocolates will bright out these flavours and create a match made in heaven.

The cacao bean notes in stout are quite subtle, so it doesn’t overpower the darker chocolate. When you’re pairing chocolate, it’s important to not choose two overwhelming flavours as it will become too intense.

Stout and dark chocolate are both subdued enough to pair really well together. Next time you find yourself drinking a pint of stout, why not pick up a bar of dark chocolate and give it a taste.

Chocolate and Wine

One of the most popular chocolate pairings is chocolate with a nice glass of wine. All red wine lovers will know how a dark chocolate pairs beautifully with the fruity flavour and spice in red wine.

A chocolate that is dark, rich and savoury will taste amazing alongside your favourite glass of red and its fruity notes.

We recommend trying a couple of different types of wine and chocolate to find the perfect pairing. It may take a couple of attempts to get the winner! 

chocolate and wine


Milk Chocolate and Tea

Of an afternoon when you boil the kettle for a cup of tea, what is the first sweet treat you would pick to pair with this milky drink? For us, it would be a nice bar of creamy milk chocolate, and if we were feeling really good we may even go for a caramel milk chocolate (The creamier chocolates are the best!), as this makes a fantastic combination for our taste buds.

The naturally sweet, creamy tea matches perfectly with the rich and creamy texture of the chocolate. Chocolate and tea are one of our favourite afternoon treats. Trust us, you’ll soon be a convert too!

Some other teas you can pair with chocolate are oolong tea and even green tea.


Chocolate and Coffee

Coffee has bitter and savoury notes that balance out the creamy sweetness of chocolate. If you're a baker you can add some ground coffee into brownies or for coffee lovers you can add some chocolate syrup.

As a dessert, the classic pairing of an espresso with a bar of chocolate is widely enjoyed across the world. The rich cacao and bitter coffee are the perfect mixture of savoury and sweet. 

Chocolate and Cheese

The best way to elevate any cheese board is to pair chocolate with cheese. It's a bold move, but the flavours work and complement each other.

Dark chocolate goes best with sharp and intense flavours of cheese such as Parmesan, Blue Cheese.

You can also pair creamy, mild cheeses like brie, goat cheese, ricotta, or cream cheese with milk chocolate. Simply grate a little chocolate on top of your cheese of choice. You might be surprised! 

Chocolate and Prosecco

Alternatively, you can pair a milk chocolate with a prosecco. The sweet cacao works so well with the light floral notes of prosecco.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter

Chocolate and peanut butter form a classic and beloved flavour combination, renowned for its perfect balance of sweetness, richness, and nuttiness.

The complementary flavours intertwine seamlessly, with the rich and slightly bitter notes of chocolate and the nutty flavour of peanut butter . This pairing offers not only a delicious taste experience but also a delightful contrast in texture, as the smoothness of peanut butter contrasts with the creamy texture of chocolate. Additionally, the hint of salt often found in peanut butter enhances the sweetness of chocolate, creating a balanced and satisfying flavour profile.

Whether enjoyed in candies like peanut butter cups, baked goods like cookies and brownies, or frozen treats like ice cream, chocolate and peanut butter provide a versatile and indulgent combination that satisfies both sweet and savoury cravings.

White Chocolate and Fresh Berries

White chocolate and fresh berries create a delectable pairing that balances the creamy natural sweetness of white chocolate with the tartness and juiciness of ripe strawberries.

The smooth and buttery texture of white chocolate complements the vibrant and refreshing taste of fresh berries, such as strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.

Chocolate and Spices

Chocolate and spices have a long history of being combined to create delicious and complex flavour profiles.

The use of spices with chocolate can be traced back to ancient civilisations like the Mayans and Aztecs, who consumed chocolate beverages flavoured with spices such as chili peppers, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Here are some common spices that pair well with chocolate:

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices to pair with chocolate. Its warm, sweet flavour complements the richness of chocolate, adding depth and complexity to desserts like chocolate cake, brownies, and hot chocolate.

The combination of chocolate and chilli peppers creates a unique flavour profile that is both rich and spicy. The heat from the chilli peppers enhances the sweetness of the chocolate, resulting in a delicious balance of flavours. This combination is often used in Mexican and South American cuisines.

Vanilla's sweet and floral notes complement the creamy richness of chocolate, enhancing its flavour without overpowering it. Vanilla is commonly used in chocolate desserts like cakes, cookies, and puddings.

Nutmeg has a warm, aromatic flavour that pairs well with chocolate, especially in baked goods like chocolate pies, tarts, and custards. Its subtle spiciness adds depth to the chocolate without overwhelming it.

Cardamom has a distinctive, slightly citrusy flavour with hints of mint and spice. When paired with chocolate, it adds a complex and exotic twist to desserts, such as chocolate truffles or mousses.

Chocolate Pairing Guide

We’ve made a helpful pairing guide for your chocolate.

  • White Chocolate: Fresh berries, dessert wine, peach, cherry. 

  • Milk Chocolate: Prosecco, mild cheese, coffee, nuts, orange, citrus. 

  • Caramel Chocolate: English Breakfast tea, port, whiskey. 

  • Dark Chocolate: Stout, red wine, strong cheese, coffee, savoury snacks. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of chocolate pairings. Next time you purchase chocolate hampers and chocolate boxes from the Sweet Hamper Company, make sure you give these delectable pairings a go. They are guaranteed to knock your socks off!