Mother’s Day Treats to Make Mum Smile

Sweet Bouquets

Mother’s Day 2021 is just round the corner. After living through the pandemic for the past year, many people up and down the country will have gone months and months without spending time with their family members. As a result, mums and grans everywhere will be missing their children and longing for the day when we can all be reunited.

Falling on Sunday 14 March 2021, it’s likely that Covid restrictions will still be in place this Mothering Sunday. Consequently, lots of us will be wondering what is the best way to show some of the most important women in our lives that we care about them, we miss them and that we love them? After all, Mother’s Day is supposed to be the day when we can really shine the spotlight on how much they mean to us... but whilst restrictions are still in place to keep us safe, it left many people scratching their heads on what to give their mum this year.

Mums all over the world need to be reminded that they’re special - from new mums with tiny babies to great grandmothers with more grandkids that they can count on two hands, they all deserve something special this Mother’s Day.

Forget the supermarket flowers or tacky gift mugs… This year go for something special which is bound to put a smile on her face.

Here at the Sweet Hamper Company, our range of mothers day sweet hampers, boxes, cones and jars offer a unique and quirky way to send your love… especially if your mum has a sweet tooth or is a chocaholic.

Sweet Hampers

Our range of sweet hampers are lovingly created by hand and include some of the UK’s favourite sweets and chocolates. Each high quality wicker basket is packed full of bags of pick ‘n’ mix, candy bars, lolly pops and chocolate goodies. 

Plus, our wicker hampers can be used again and again - perfect for storage, picnics, or even refilling with delicious sweets!

Sweet Bouquets / Chocolate Bouquets

Say it with... sweets!

All mums love a bunch of flowers - but this Mother’s Day, why not take her by surprise and level up with one of the Sweet Hamper Company’s eye-catching sweet bouquets or chocolate bouquets.

Each beautiful bouquet is carefully created by hand, using an array of mouth watering treats including chocolate bars, lolly pops, rolls of Love Hearts, Wham bars and sherbet fountains.

Our sweet bouquets and chocolate bouquets certainly have the WOW factor, and make a striking change to traditional bouquets of flowers. Available in different sizes, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out a gift this Mother’s Day.

Retro Sweets

Our retro selection of sweet boxes, sweet hampers and sweet bouquets contain some classic flavours from the 70s and 80s, meaning you can transport mum back in time, and reminisce over some old favourites.

From classic pick ‘n’ mix such as cola cubes, pear drops and liquorice all-sorts, through to Dip Dabs and sherbet fountains, mums and nans will love the flavours of the past which can be found in our retro range of sweets, candy, chocolate and other confectionery.

All of our products are made by hand and carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. 

Browse our full range of sweet bouquets and see if anything takes your fancy. Don't forgot nearly all of our products online are personalisable too! We bring out a range of pre-designed gift cards to go match every occasion and mothers day is certainly one of them.