New year, New Sweet Trends

New year, New Sweet Trends

New year, new me is a phrase we hear a lot when a new year is on the horizon, so we thought we'd jump on the phrase and think about 'new year, new sweets'.

Every year is full of sweet surprises. From new flavours to more people buying a certain brand of sweets, 2024 will have a lot in store with sweet, chocolate and dessert trends across the world.

It's so exciting to think about the confectionery industry and the changes and trends that will change it throughout the year, for those of us with a sweet tooth, we can't wait for all of the new sweet snacks on the market!

Healthier, sugar free options

It's the new year, so its not surprise people are looking for healthy snack options to full up their cupboards.

Sugar free and healthier options of sweets use a sugar substitute to create healthy sweet treats without impacting the flavour, satisfying your sweet tooth without the sugar!

These sweets are becoming more popular as more people are being pro active in taking care of their body.

Healthier sweet options, such as Tweek Sweets, use 95% less sugar and natural flavourings and colours. By embracing a reduced sugar approach, individuals can enjoy a wide assortment of sweets while minimising the impact on their overall health. As we navigate the new year, the trend towards healthier, sugar-free sweets signals a shift in how we approach and indulge in sweet treats.

Healthier Sweets

Good mood food

Did you know that 67% of consumers world wide look for food that has a positive impact on their mental health?

In 2024, we'll also be seeing a lot more people allow themselves to enjoy a full range of foods such as cakes, desserts and of course, sweets.

Sweets can play a crucial role in uplifting spirits and providing comfort. Whether celebrating achievements, Christmas, connecting with loved ones, or simply enjoying a moment of personal indulgence, these treats contributes to a positive mental well being.

Even though healthy eating is also becoming more important, people are understanding the importance of a balanced diet to help live a fulfilling lifestyle whilst also maintaining a healthy balance.

Explore our range of sweet hampers and chocolate hampers, they are the perfect gift to life spirits. Packed with sweet treats that will put a smile on anyone's face they are the ultimate good mood food.

Plant based sweets

60% of consumers (aged 18 -44) think that every brand should have a plant based option and we agree.

In an age where half of the population are cutting down their meat intake, it is so important to have a wide range of options to ensure everyone can enjoy the taste of sweets.

In recent years, the plant-based sweet options have increased significantly, with more and more brands changing recipes and creating new products that are vegan. Big brands such as Swizzles have various vegan chew bars include all flavours of Refresher bars.

We offer a wide range of vegan sweets in our vegan sweet hampers and boxes and have specific hampers for both vegans and vegetarians so they don't miss out on sweet hampers filled with delicious sweets.

Adventurous flavours

From spicy sweets to new flavours we've never tried before, a big trend in 2024 is sweets inspired by flavours of the world.

Fruit filled chocolate, chilli flavoured lollipops are just some of the products that have come to the market and there are many more to discover.

For those who love a unique flavour, these sweets will definitely cater to your taste palate!


Freeze dried candy

We know what you're thinking - what is this?! Freeze drying involves removing moisture from the sweets, resulting in a light, crisp and airy texture.

This unique texture contrasts with traditional chewy or soft sweets, offering a delightful crunch and intensifying the original flavour.

This trend shot to popularity on Tiktok and it has continued to rise in popularity, with many influencers doing the DIY freeze drying sweet ingredients and trying the sweets on their page and sweet companies selling freeze dried sweet mystery boxes. (The crunch makes for great ASMR content!)

Sustainable brands

A recent study found that a massive 81% of people choose sustainable manufacturers and brands to buy from.

To help our planet, buying from brands that show a commitment to sustainability is very important, and brands make the change to sustainable packaging and sourcing more local products, is going to be a huge trend all year round, and for many to come.

When looking for sweets and chocolate, look for business certifications such as rain forest Alliance and Fair Trade, which indicate a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in the production of sweet products.

Here at the Sweet Hamper company, we are dedicated to sourcing local, quality stock and from brands that are have made a commitment to sustainability so that you can enjoy your sweet snacks knowing they were purchased in a sustainable way.

Sustainable cocoa

More sweet options for every diet

For those adhering to a gluten free diets and preferences, the dessert and sweet scene has undergone a transformation. The focus has shifted from basic alternatives to a world of gluten free sweet treats. Flour less chocolate cakes, almond flour cookies and pastries, and other gluten free sweets have taken centre stage.

Many of the sweets you know and love are gluten free including, jelly beans and cola bottles, read our blog to find out more about what to look out for and what sweets and chocolates don't contain any gluten.

As we step into the sweet adventures that 2024 holds, the confectionery landscape promises an exciting array of trends catering to diverse tastes and preferences. From health conscious choices to global flavour inspirations, this year in sweets offers something for everyone. Get in contact and let us know your sweet treat predictions for this year!