Our all time favourite sweets

It’s probably unsurprising that here at the Sweet Hamper Company, we have a bit of a sweet tooth… okay, perhaps that's a slight understatement! We LOVE sweets, candy, chocolate and confectionery. We’re a fan of anything fizzy, fruity, gummy or chocolatey - after all, we wouldn’t be in the business of sweets if we weren’t passionate about them! 

We’re proud of the fact that we’re sweet connoisseurs, and we believe that because of this our sweet hampers, chocolate hampers, chocolate bouquets and other sweet gifts are some of the best around.

Sweet Boxes

From retro favourites and pick ‘n’ mix classics, right through to delectable American candy from across the pond, we’re fans of confectionery from across the globe. So, as experts in all things sugary, we’ve asked some of our team to reveal their favourite sweet treats. 

  • Fizzy bubblegum bottles
  • The pink and blue cousin of classic cola bottles, these fizzy delights provide the familiar bubblegum flavour we all know and love. In our opinion, a bag of pick ‘n’ mix simply wouldn’t be the same without them!

  • Millions
  • These teeny tiny chewy candy spheres are available in nine different flavours. Despite their size, they’re super tasty, giving a burst of fruity flavour. Yum yum!

  • Sherbet Dip Dabs
  • As fans of retro sweets, it's unsurprising that Sherbet Dip Dabs make an appearance in our top 10. Reminiscent of days gone by, these candy favourites bring back memories of walking home from school and stopping at the corner shop for a sweet fix. We have a range of retro sweet products available on our website, many of which feature Sherbet Dip Dabs!

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Voted America’s number one chocolate bar, Reese’s P

    Reeses Chocolate Big Cup

    eanut Butter Cups simply had to make our top 10. A classic combination of smooth chocolate and nutty peanut filling… what’s not to love? They are in all of our American Chocolate Hampers for obvious reasons. For fans of American candy, take a look at our American sweet hampers, boxes and other products.

  • Galaxy chocolate
  • Another chocolatey favourite - you can’t go wrong with a classic Galaxy bar. Silky smooth milk chocolate is always a winner in our books! If you’re a chocolate lover, check out our chocolate hampers which contain Galaxy bars amongst other delicious products.

  • Refreshers Bar
  • With its fizzy sherbet centre and chewy lemon exterior, these bars are loved by old and young alike. In fact, did you know that they’ve been around for over 60 years? 

  • Drumstick lollies
  • Sweet manufacturer Swizzles is famous the world over for their classic candy range, and Drumstick lollies are one such example. Did you know, the instantly recognisable flavour of Drumsticks is actually milk and raspberry? These awesome lollies can be found hiding in most of our retro sweet hampers!

  • Dairy Milk
  • For almost 120 years, Dairy Milk has been a staple in any sweet shop or supermarket confectionary aisle. The simple flavour is timeless, and we bet people will still be enjoying this classic chocolate bar in another 100 years time! Another chocolate bar which can be found in our range of chocolate hampers.

  • Love Hearts
  • Be mine. Real Love. Say Yes. Sweet in more ways than one, Love Hearts are an old school classic which are loved by kids and big kids alike. What message will you pick out next?

  • Rainbow Drops
  • A classic from our childhood, these little pops of colour are simple yet tasty. Plus, they’re suitable for vegetarians as well - an added bonus!