Our Top Pick n Mix Sweets for Sweet Hampers

Today it is very popular to present all sorts of sweet treats as gifts; not just a box of chocolates or a large chocolate bar, but a more retro styled gift, something like a sweet hamper. Such a gift will conquer any sweet tooth and will give unearthly pleasure for more than one day (and maybe even one month!). Such a hamper is suitable not only for children, but also for your partner, mother, sister, work colleague, or just your close friends. there are such huge varieties of sweet & chocolate hampers on the market nowadays that it can sometimes be super difficult to choose what you think is the best one. We have detailed below some of our favourite pick n mix or ‘retro’ sweets that we think are essential to include in a gift hamper or box.

The tradition of giving a hamper full of sweets came not so long ago but has already gained huge popularity across the world. We agree that to receive a bouquet of flowers as a sign of attention is not as cool as a hamper of sweets (but maybe we’re slightly biased ;)). It is not only slightly unusual, bright, and unpredictable but also super tasty! In fact other sweet toothed gift options include sweet bouquets and even personalised sweet jars!

A hamper of sweets as a gift is something that you simply cannot refuse. All hampers in our store are original, extremely tasty, and contain only the very best sweets available. In addition, they are made up of a huge variety of different sweets: you can find a basket of chocolate bars, jellies, and different types of candies. 

Our most popular are pick n mix hampers: tell us what you would like and we will add it to your hamper. We’re also able to personalise the gift card that you choose to put inside the hamper to make it extra special. 

Pick n Mix Sweet Hamper

A pick and mix hamper is a wonderful gift since it can be given for no reason, as well as for any holiday like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday, or a wedding. 

Below are a list of our favourite and most important retro sweets to include in a sweet hamper. We decided to take a vote in the office and these were the most popular choices:

Giant Strawberries

Dolly Mixture

Jelly Beans

Yellow Bellies

Fried Eggs

Liquorice All Sorts

Pear Drops

Giant Cola Bottles

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

Fizzy Watermelon Slices

Double Dip Original

Refresher Chew Bar

Giant Love Hearts

Stinger Bar

Drumstick Lollies


Sherbet Dip Dab

Fruit Salad Chews

Black Jack Stick Pack

Sherbet Dip Dab


And that’s not even all! The list went on but we couldn't include them all in this blog post.

Any of our sweet hampers sweets will allow you to express gratitude, confess your love or maybe even propose? And turn an ordinary date into an unforgettable, romantic, sweet fairy tale.

We also offer our very own and new pick and mix service online with super fast delivery. And you can add all of the above products to your own mix of sweets!

And there is much more! There is no limit to the use of such a luxurious and bright presentation. You can buy a hamper of sweets on any of the days because there is no wrong time of year for sweets. If you want to surprise your boss – try our Biggest Ever Sweet Hamper!