Retro sweets of the 1970s - our top ten

The 1970s was the decade of disco, platform shoes and bright colours. This 10 year period is synonymous with all things funky, when bands such as ABBA, Elton John and the Bee Gees were topping the Top of the Pops charts, original Mini’s ruled the roads and bell-bottoms were everywhere on the catwalk. 

The era was also characterised by some groovy sweets, candy and confectionery, with some of these retro sweets still favourites to this very day.

Our experts at the Sweet Hamper Company have been taking a trip down memory lane to uncover some of the 1970s top selling sweets, chocolates and candy… Although some of these varieties have been confined to the history books, you can find some of these iconic sweets in our selection of retro sweet hampers and other products on our website. So if you fancy a taste of the past, keep reading!

  • Pacers
  • Who remembers these stripy green, minty chews? Originally launched in 1976 as a sister to the classic Opal Fruits (now Starburst) these retro sweets were sadly discontinued in the 1980s. Did you know, the Scottish football team Celtic FC, was nicknamed ‘The Pacers’ due to the similarity between their football kit and the minty sweets?

  • Opal Fruits / Starburst
  • We can’t mention Pacers without including Opal Fruits in our top 10 of 1970s retro sweets. These fruity chews are still available to this day, however they were rebranded in 1998. Despite this, they haven’t lost their delicious flavour and remain one of the UK’s most popular sweets.

  • Anglo Bubbly
  • These small, round, squishy bubble gums wrapped in blue, pink and yellow are a blast from the past. One of the all time favourites of kids (and big kids) back in the 1970s, its distinctive flavour probably isn’t what you think it is… that’s right, the memorable taste of Anglo Bubbly is actually pear flavour! 

  • Marathon Bar / Snickers
  • Kid’s of the 1970s will know today’s Snickers bars by their original name - Marathon. The flavour of this chocolaty, peanutty, caramelly treat hasn’t changed over the years, and as a result, this retro chocolate bar is still loved by the younger generation.

  • Curly Wurly
  • Curly Wurly

    Launched in 1970 and still going strong, this retro chocolate bar was created when a worker at Cadbury started experimenting with some leftover toffee. Smothered in milk chocolate, this delectable delight is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. We've included Curly Wurly's in some of our best selling chocolate bouquets!

  • Milk Tray
  • Although this chocolate selection box has been available since 1915, in the 1970s the brand became synonymous for its ‘Milk Tray Man’ television advertisements. Featuring a James Bond style character, the ads first appeared on our screens back in 1968. Did you know, Milk Tray has been voted as the 16th most famous confectionary in the United Kingdom?

  • Kola Cubes
  • Kola Cubes

    These pick ‘n’ mix favourites were a staple of any sweet shop back in the1970s. Still available today, you’ll find Kola Cubes in selected retro sweet hampers, retro sweet boxes and other retro sweet products on the Sweet Hamper Company website.




  • Twix
  • First available in the UK back in 1967, Twix bars grew in popularity throughout the 1970s, and it's not hard to see why! The delectable chocolate, biscuit and caramel combination is still flying off the shelves all these years later!

  • Spangles
  • Discontinued in the early 1980s, Spangles packets were instantly recognisable thanks to their distinctive 70s style branding. These boiled sweets came in a variety of flavours including liquorice, blackcurrant and acid drop.

  • Jelly Belly
  • These fantastically fruity jelly beans were first introduced as Jelly Belly in America in 1976. Since then, these candies have become the most popular jelly beans in the world and are available in over 50 different flavours.

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