Subscription Box Options in 2021

There has been a huge rise in the number of subscription options on the market in the past few years - helped hugely by the fact no one has been able to leave their house in 12 months! We also believe that there has been a rise in people looking to buy these subscription boxes for themselves rather than just a gift which means even more options have appeared! We have taken a look at some of the leading options when it comes to subscriptions and some of the benefits to each of them too. If you think we’re missing anything obvious please do let us know on our social channels!


1. Sweet Subscriptions

O yes, we just had to start with what we love best - sweets! There are a number of options when it comes to choose a subscription package for sweets. You may fancy something a little different and look to a American or Japanese sweet subscription box which are widely available these days online. In fact we’ve seen a surge in popularity in buying sweets from around the world as they become more accessible. Brands from America such as Reese’s and Hershey’s have become a favourite in the UK. If you’re looking for a more retro sweet subscription box then we can help you out there! Letterbox in sized but packs a punch with classics like bubblegum bottles and stinger bars included.

Sweet Subscription Box


2. Make-up Subscriptions

Many females agree that it can be rather boring spending all day looking for one makeup product that they will like and stick with for many years. Many now turn to monthly subscription boxes and receive goods every month, either from different companies or just one brand. There are companies on the market like beauty box (very popular in America) and Birchbox in the UK. Both offer a range of selected makeup products each month. You can cancel any time and they tailor the box based on your preferences. These can also make for a special gift if you’re looking for something slightly different. Also not to worry if you’re an eco warrior as there are many brands out there too that provide eco friendly products.


3. Pasta

Yes you read that right - Pasta! One of the world's favourite carbs is now available as a subscription box. Companies like Pasta Evangelists offer you the chance to get pasta delivered every single week. You can select from 15 different pastas every week! Yes 15. They then deliver this to your door with a selection of recipes too. Don't get me wrong you’d need to know someone who really loves their pasta to offer this as a gift - but we’d definitely recommend giving this a try even for yourself.


4. A Few Unique Choices

Now it would have been too easy for us to list some of the more obvious choices like chocolate hampers or flowers. But we have decided to give you a few final options that are a ‘little out there’ so to speak. Did you know for example, that you can get a bread subscription box? Yes that's right. All you budding chefs out there that enjoy baking a loaf of bread can enjoy a different bread each month with all the ingredients included. How about books? This could work as a really cool gift option too. Readr offers 3 months for £24 and access to their book reading community along with a new fiction book every month. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and found it useful with a few unique and quirky ideas.