Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Beginning with I

In this months edition of the Sweet Hamper Company encyclopaedia we take a look at sweets beginning with the letter I. There are more than you might think and we've highlighted a few of these below. Maybe you'll spot a few sweets you've not tried before and learn something new about sweets :)


IBC Root Beer Barrels

IBC Root Beer Barrels are the nostalgic hard candy that tastes like everyone's favourite Root Beer, IBC. They were first introduced in 1919 in the first days of prohibition and have been a favourite candy in America since then. The Root Beer Barrels give a scrumptious sweet and tangy taste that leaves you wanting more. One day these will get added to our range of retro sweet hampers

Ice Blue

Ice Blue mints are traditional blue coloured hard candy. They are usually square in shape and come individually wrapped. The original Ice Blue mints are made with peppermint oil that gives a refreshing peppermint taste. Perfect for minty fresh breath!

Ice Breakers 

Ice Breakers are a brand of mints owned by the famous American confectioners Hershey’s. They are a cool, refreshing mint and gum. They are soft and filled with cooling flavour crystals that bring your mouth alive. There are many Ice Breakers ranging from cinnamon, wintergreen, cool mint, and sour berry.

Ice Cubes

This delicious chocolate is a little square of tasty goodness. These squares of joy melt in your mouth and then leave a delightful cooling effect when you continue chewing them. Ice Cubes were created in the 1930s in Germany by a small company called Nappa. 

Icee Squeeze Candy

Icee Squeeze Candy is a fun candy in liquid form that you squeeze from the bottle. Flavours available include blue raspberry and cherry; these flavours remind you of your favourite slush puppies. This liquid candy can be used all over desserts or for an easy sugar kick straight into your mouth! 

Idaho Spud Chocolate Bar

The Idaho Spud is a famous American candy bar. It was first produced in 1918, so it is a traditional old-time candy, but no, it does not contain potatoes! Their original container did make them look like a pack of potatoes. The Idaho spud is a unique candy containing a light and fluffy cocoa flavoured marshmallow centre. That is then covered in delicious dark chocolate and sprinkled in coconut.


If you think we've missed any off or want to add your own popular choice to the mix - let us know!