Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Beginning with J

The next stop on our encyclopaedia journey takes us to letter J. The below list of sweet goodies are all sweets beginning with J and some of them feature in our delectable range of sweet hampers. If you think we're missing anything off or would like your brand adding to the list please do drop us a message!

Without further ado; 


Originally from the UK and is also known as a ‘Gobstopper’. A Jawbreaker, as the name suggests is a super hard candy that if you bite into it too quickly will break your jaw, or more likely a tooth! The most popular flavour are strawberry jawbreakers.

A Jawbreaker has layers of different flavoured and coloured candy and can be of various sizes ranging from 1cm to 3cm. However, the original Gobstopper could be a whooping 8cm in diameter. 

To eat, you either suck (if it's small enough to fit in your mouth) or lick it until it’s soft enough to bite through. Jawbreakers can also come with a tasty piece of gum in the middle once you’ve eaten your way through the many outer layers.


Jelly Babies

Jelly Babies are a type of soft sugar jelly, moulded into the shape of plump babies. They come in a variety of different flavours and each has a light dusting of icing sugar. 

Jelly Babies were invented by an Austrian immigrant who worked for Fryers Lancashire in 1864. They were a popular Victorian treat and could be found in all confectionary shops. They were originally named‘ Unclaimed Babies,’ however, by the end of the first World War, Jelly Babies were being produced by Bassetts who changed the name to ‘Peace Babies.’ Whatever their name, Jelly Babies are a tasty jelly snack!

 Jelly Babies

Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans are the ultimate in bean-shaped candies. They have a soft outer shell with a thick chewy, gel-like centre. They come in hundreds of different flavours and colours such as bubblegum, cherry, marshmallow, popcorn and pina colada. The choice is endless and trying to decide on your favourite flavour is difficult!

The jelly bean was originally thought to have been invented by the confectioner William Schafft from Boston. He had the idea to mould jelly into bean like shapes. He urged people at the time to buy these jelly beans and send them to the soldiers fighting in the American Civil War.

Jelly Beans 

Jelly Rings

Jelly Rings are fruit flavoured jelly sweets shaped into a ring. They can also be called friendship rings as it is popular for children to pass them to a friend to try on their finger and then to eat. Jelly Rings are favourites in any pick n mix and can come as the original fruit flavoured ring or can be bought as a sour alternative that is coated in sugar.

Jelly Tots

Jelly Tots are little fruit flavoured dots that are so yummy you might not want to share! They come in a range of 5 delicious fruity flavours such as lemon, lime, orange, strawberry and blackcurrant. They contain real fruit juice and have a vegan variety!

Jelly Tots were launched in 1965 by Rowntress after a student that was working for Rowntrees accidentally made Jelly Tots while completing an investigation. Jelly Tots were an afterthought and were going to be thrown away. However, they tasted so good they were quickly packaged and sold. Within weeks Jelly Tots became popular with children and adults alike.

Jila mints

Jila mints are the mint that is extra hard, extra strong and extra smooth. Australian peppermint oil gives the mint its strong taste while the process of using all-natural ingredients layer after layer makes the mint one of the smoothest around. Jila mints are just perfect to clear your nose and will give you fresh breath for hours.

Junior mints and caramels

Junior mints are ideal for the person who wants the refreshing taste of a mint but also has a chocolate craving. These peppermint mints are covered in a yummy dark chocolate.

Junior mints were first produced in 1949 by the James O’ Welch company in Massachusetts, America. The name came from a play, which was ideal as the size of the mint itself is quite small in comparison to other mints so it is ‘junior in size’. 

Junior eventually branched out from just mints and started to create the delicious Junior caramels. These small, sweet candies are filled with buttery caramel and then smothered in the tastiest of milk chocolate.

 Junior Mint

Jolly Rancher

Jolly Rancher is an American favourite. It is a hard candy bursting with fruity flavours. The variety of flavours range from apple, blue raspberry, cherry and watermelon. There are Jolly Ranchers that are too hot to handle with their delicious cinnamon taste to Jolly Ranchers that are sour candy sensations. Jolly Ranchers have also branched out into gummy form, candy canes and lollipops. One thing is for sure everyone enjoys the taste sensation of the wide variety of flavours.

Jolly Ranchers were first introduced in 1949 and have been an American favourite ever since.

Jolly Rancher 

Jordan almonds

Jordan almonds also known as ‘dragees, are the name given to any sweet confectionery with a hard sugar shell but with a sweet centre. The centre can be anything from nuts and chocolate to tangerines. The most common form of the centre is that of an almond nut. Jordan almonds have been around for hundreds of years and are traditionally given out during weddings or for any other sort of party favours.


Jujubes are small chewy candy drops. They come in a variety of flavours ranging from mint to citrus fruits. They were first introduced in the US in 1920, however, they were thought to have been around for some time before that. The original flavours in the US consisted of spearmint, lilac, rose and violet. 

Juicy Drop Gum

Juicy Drop Gum is the ultimate in gum that can be customised! It is a sweet, soft bubble gum that comes with a sour gel. So, you can choose how much gel you want to add which can boost or extend the flavour of that tasty sweet gum.

The juicy drop gum is a recent product having first been produced in 2012 but its innovative nature has been a massive hit for everyone that has had the pleasure to experience it.

Juicy Twists

Juicy Twists are two liquorice sticks twisted around each other with added flavours such as orange and watermelon. Juicy Twists are packed with real fruit juices and are a real family favourite.

Jungle Jollies

Jungle Jollies are individually wrapped chewy taffy sticks that are filled with flavour. In fact, they are so yummy you might think they come from some sort of hidden sweet-filled forest. They come in a variety of delectable flavours that are just perfect for party bags and pick n mixes.