Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Sweets Beginning with T

Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Sweets Beginning with T

We continue with our A-Z of sweets with tremendously tantalising, taste bud tingling treats beginning with T. How many have you had?

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Sweets, chocolates and candies that start with the letter T


A classic British chocolate bar that has stood the test of time, Twix is incredibly popular today – as popular as ever. The double-fingered, biscuity chocolate sensation began life way back in 1967, making its breakthrough in Britain at the height of the swinging sixties. 

Twix consists of sweet shortbread, creamy caramel and deliciously rich milk chocolate, with a classic silver and red wrapper. Although there have been many variations of this old school chocolate bar over the years – from salted caramel and cookies and cream to Twix ice cream – it’s the original that continues to capture the hearts, minds and taste buds of the chocolate loving public. 



One of the most outright delicious chocolate bars on the market, Twirl is a melt-in-your-mouth sensation with a unique rich chocolatey taste. Sold as a twin bar, each has a semi-solid exterior give way with a little bite, leading to a twirly, slightly flakey texture on the inside. The buttery chocolate is head and shoulders above most chocolate bars, making this chocolate a consistent favourite among the British public.

And just when you think it can’t get any better, a Twirl is the perfect treat to pair with a cup of tea or coffee – this is the very definition of a dunking chocolate bar. When the chocolate melts ever so slightly, it tastes even better! 

The first Twirl chocolate bar was produced in the early ‘70s by Cadbury. Within a few years it went on to become an international bestseller, thanks to its iconic purple packaging and one-of-a-kind taste.


Another legendary chocolate, Toblerones are renowned for their triangular design and nutty, nougat chocolate taste. First produced in Switzerland back in 1908, Toblerone is made of solid triangle segments of chocolate, each speckled with almonds, nougat and honey. The unique pyramid bar design is said to have been inspired by the Swiss alps.

Fun fact – Toblerone was first produced by Theodor Tobler. The word Toblerone is a portmanteau of his surname with the Italian word for nougat – torrone. Another thing you might not have noticed – the mountain on the packaging contains the outline of a bear!

Toblerone chocolates are one of the most adapted brands of chocolate – there’s been so many different versions over the years, from bitesize bars and giant bars to various flavours including white chocolate and dark chocolate. 


Terry’s Chocolate Orange

A bit of a cult favourite among chocolate lovers, Terry’s Chocolate Orange has a taste, texture and product design that makes it totally unique in the confectionery world. It comes in the form of a chocolate orange bar which can be divided in segments and shared – or not, as the case may be

It’s estimated that 44 million chocolate oranges are sold every year, with 9 million UK households buying at least one a year. Its popularity is down to the soft yet solid texture, together with the wonderful blend of chocolate and orange oil flavours.  

Incredibly, the Terry’s Chocolate Orange legacy goes back 200 years! In 1823, a chemist by the name of Joseph Terry began work at a Yorkshire sweets factory, where he developed sweets that mixed chocolate, marmalade and candied peel. He eventually took over the business, and then passed it onto his sons. Years later in 1932, with the help of their sons, they developed the initial idea for chocolate oranges.

The iconic Terry’s Chocolate Orange is especially popular as a gift for special occasions, including Halloween and Christmas.    

Turkish Delight

Okay, there are two types of Turkish delight – the original homemade sweet from Turkey that consists of chopped dates, pistachios, walnuts and bound together with a sugary, starchy gel. Then there’s the chocolate bar made by Fry’s, which was inspired by the traditional Turkish sweet.

Fry’s Turkish Delight was first created in 1914, making it one of the earliest commercial chocolate bars. It consists of a fruity gel-like, rose flavoured centre, with a coating of milk chocolate. 

Shortly after Fry’s invented Turkish Delight chocolate bars, the sweet-maker merged with Cadbury. Today, you can even find a Turkish Delight version of the classic Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar. 

Turkish Delight

Tic Tacs

The world famous mini mint with the catchy name, Tic Tacs actually started out with a seriously uncatchy name – they were introduced by Ferrero in 1969 as “Refreshing Mints”. The name failed to catch on and, barely a year later, the company rebranded, inspired by the “tic, tac” sound lid of the box makes when it’s opened and closed.

Besides the original mint, Tic Tacs have come in a variety of different flavours over the years. These include spearmint, peppermint, orange and lime, apple, berry, strawberry, and pink grapefruit. They’ve also released limited edition movie tie-in versions, such as the banana and mandarin flavour for the Minions movie.

Tic Tacs are known for being a low calorie mint – there’s only 2 calories per pellet – and American tic tacs are even listed as having 0g of sugar. It’s not quite the case, though, as the FDA states anything with less than 0.5g per unit can be labelled as 0g – yet each Tic Tac weighs less than 0.5g, and is in fact 90% sugar.

They’re still delicious though! 



These chunky chocolate bars are, ironically, a bit of a hot topic at the moment, as they’ve recently been discontinued by Mars. First made in 1962, advertised with the tagline “A Hazelnut in Every Bite”, Topic features nougat, hazelnuts and caramel with a milk chocolate coating. While they’re not the most thrilling of chocolate bars, they’re certainly not the worst – there’ll no doubt be some sweet-toothed chocolate lovers that will miss them.

If you’re a big fan of Topic, get them while you still can! Although Mars will no longer be producing them, the last few batches are still being sold.  

Time Out

Another classic chocolate bar that was first introduced in the ‘90s, Time Out is kind of like a cross between a Kit Kat and a Twix, with a more wafer-based biscuit taste. Made by Cadbury Ireland, Time Out bars used to come in packs of two thin bars. However, more recently, they’ve been updated and have changed to a single bar version.

Time Out Wafer is more wafer and less chocolate than the original version. It features layers of light and crispy wafer, with a smooth cocoa powder filling and a coating of Cadbury milk chocolate. Will it prove as popular as the original? The jury’s out, but only time will tell.

Take 5

Originally released by the Hershey Company in 2004, Take 5 is named after the five core ingredients that make up the bar. First, there’s the rich milk chocolate; then there’s the crunchy pretzels, smooth peanut butter and salty chopped peanuts; and finally, there's the creamy caramel.

In 2019, Take 5 became Reese’s Take 5. It’s now considered to be one of America’s most popular and most delicious candy bars, although hasn’t quite taken off in the UK or Europe as of yet.

Tootsie Rolls

A chocolate flavoured taffy with a long history and tradition, Tootsie Rolls were first produced in 1907 by Leo Hirschfield – the son of an Austrian candy-maker who had first opened his own factory in New York in 1896. Leo named his sweet after his daughter Clara – her nickname was Tootsie – and within a few years Tootsie Rolls became one of the most popular candies in the United States.

Aside from the traditional chocolate version, Tootsie Rolls also come in flavours such as cherry, orange, vanilla, lemon and lime. You can also get a Mega Mix bag, for a blend of all your favourite flavours. These very popular American selling sweets can be found in our range of American Sweet Hampers online.

Tootsie Pops

A fabulously fun blend of hard candy sweet and soft chewy filling, with the added charm of a lollipop, Tootsie Pops were the first lollipop with a secret filling inside the hard candy. Invented in 1931, the story goes that an employee at Tootsie Roll Industries was eating one of his daughter’s lollipops and a Tootsie Roll at the same time when inspiration struck and Tootsie Pops were created.

The original Tootsie Pops came in five flavours – chocolate, orange, cherry, grape and raspberry. 

Tootsie Pops


These luscious liquorice twirls are made by America’s original liquorice company – Young and Smylie, founded in 1845. Twizzlers themselves came about in 1929 and although the original flavour was liquorice, several different fruity flavours were introduced in the ‘70s, including strawberry (now the most popular flavour), watermelon, grape and blue raspberry.

Twizzlers have seen a large number of varieties released over the years, including Twists, Nibs, Bites and Pull ‘N’ Peel. They’ve even released a special two-foot-long Twizzler!

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