Sweets Beginning with U, W and V

Sweets Beginning with U, W and V

Our sweet adventure through the A-Z of sweets continues, and this time, we find ourselves at the letters U, W, and V. Join us as we explore a wide range of sweet treats that begin with these letters, from iconic American and retro sweets to unicorn pops...let's delve into the stories of sweet treats beginning with U, W, and V.

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Sweets Beginning with U


Unicorn Pops:

Unicorn pops, as magical as they sound, have been capturing the imagination of children and candy lovers since 1932 when they were first created by Adams & Brooks, Inc. This sweet treat is a true symbol of enchantment as the lollipop is shaped like a unicorn's horn. Unicorn Pops unique design and delightful flavours have of Unicorn pops has made them a timeless favourite. Also known as Rainbow Twist Lollies, unicorn pops can be found in our Huge 1990s Sweet Box.


Uncle Joe's Mint Balls:

Almost 125 years old and still going strong, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls have become legendary. Crafted with care in a factory in Wigan since 1898, these iconic mint flavour balls have earned a special place in the world of sweets. The name of these small mints is believed to be inspired by a local Lancashire greeting, adding a touch of regional charm to its story.


Ube Candy:

If you're looking for a completely unique combination of flavours in a candy, Ube Candy is the perfect choice (and it does start with u!). Ube candy is crafted with vibrant purple yams (potato candy), known as ube, which serves as the main ingredient in this Filipino confection is a naturally sweet potato. The candy is created by utilising the natural sweetness of the purple sweet potato, providing a unique and delightful treat perfect for those of us with a sweet tooth.


U no candy bar:

The U no Candy Bar, featuring a milk chocolate-coated exterior and a luscious, truffle-like centre, originated from the creative minds at the Cardinet Candy Company and is now sold by the Annabelle Candy Company. The u no bars introduction dates back to the 1920s.

Sweets Beginning with W



If you're on a quest for pure sourness, Warheads are your ultimate destination. First introduced in 1975, these candies are renowned for their extreme sourness. Originally created in Taiwan, Warheads have found a special place in our American candy boxes and these are a popular choice among many American Candy enthusiasts.


Werther's Originals:

Werther's Originals have been a comforting and timeless individually wrapped treat since 1909 when Gustave Nebel crafted its unique butter candy recipe in Werther, Germany. Now available in over 100 countries worldwide, they continue to be beloved, especially among the elderly population. These candies are a nostalgic favourite, offering a taste of tradition in every melt in the mouth caramel.

Werther's Original


Watermelon Slices:

Watermelon Slices candy is a yummy creation that mimics the taste and appearance of fresh watermelon. With a sweet and refreshing flavour, these candies are a perfect choice for those who love the essence of watermelon. They are a fun way to enjoy the taste of summer and can be found in many of our sweet boxes.

Watermelon slices
Sweets Beginning with V


Vimto Chew Bar:

Vimto Chew Bar is a burst of Vimto flavour packed into a chewy treat. The original Vimto squash was created in 1908 as a herbal tonic, promising to give people "Vim & Vigour." Now, Vimto's distinctive taste is transformed into a chew bar that offers a quick and satisfying Vimto fix, and you can find these in our sweet boxes. Vimto produce a range of sweet treats including: flying saucers, bon bons and lollipops.

As we wrap up our journey through the letters U, W, and V in the world of candy and chocolate, we've encountered a diverse range of flavours and stories. From the enchanting unicorn pops to the tongue-tingling Warheads, the comforting embrace and texture of Werther's Originals, the summery delight of Watermelon Slices, and the nostalgic Vimto Chew Bar, these sweets and chocolates offer a taste of tradition and adventure.

So, indulge in these sweet delights and share them with friends and family, creating moments of joy and nostalgia that only candy can provide.

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Vimto Chew Bar

Other sweets that begin with U, W or V

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