Sweets You’ve Never Heard Of!

Sweets You’ve Never Heard Of!

We pride ourselves on tracking down and spreading the good word about all manner of different candies from around the world. There are a lot of different forms of candy out there, and we like to think that we’ve bought a lot of them for you.

For this article, though, we’ve scoured the internet for a number of different forms of candy that, quite frankly, even we’ve never heard of. These are some international and odd candies, and we hope you enjoy learning along with us!

Botan rice candy

These candies are a little strange but utterly lovely! They’re a candy from Japan that is quite unheard of in the Western world, which is a crying shame.

At the most basic level, botan rice candy is a chewy, melting candy that’s flavoured quite strongly like citrus. It’s a balanced flavour, somewhere between lemon and orange. With that said, we were concerned the candy itself might taste a little like cough medicine - thankfully, it doesn’t!

The fanciest part of botan rice candy has to be the edible wrappers. Each piece of candy is wrapped in a layer of clear rice paper that is specifically designed to melt away quickly and easily in your mouth. What’s not to love about that? It’s a flavour and taste sensation as well as an interesting piece of engineering.

Matcha KitKats

Another option from Japan, matcha KitKats are one of many different flavours of KitKats out there in the world. The KitKat is a very simple thing - a wafer surrounded by chocolate - and a number of different varieties and flavours are out there.

Matcha is commonly considered to be the best one of all the strange and unique flavors of KitKat out there, perhaps because the flavour is so smooth and rich, and yet not too dull or plain.

If you’re a fan of matcha tea or KitKats, then you’ll surely love this treat! If not, make sure to fall down the KitKat rabbit hole sometime - there are dozens of different varieties out there, and it’s worth searching for them. You’re likely to find a fascinating option out there that you’d adore!


Popping candy chocolate

The fusion of popping candy and chocolate is something that might be a little familiar to people from the UK since Cadbury’s most popular bar in its marvellous creations range features popping candy within it.

It’s less common in other parts of the world, however, with the idea of fusing these two culinary inventions being more than a little odd. It’s certainly an interesting sensation to taste and feel within your mouth - the creaminess and richness of the chocolate usually used for these bars stand opposite the sharp surprise of popping candy. It’s odd, to be sure, but, personally, we adore it!

Popping Candy Chocolate


Mariannes are a candy from Finland that we’d never heard of before doing a little research for this article. Essentially, they’re a twist on the classic after-dinner mint that you might consider a little old-school.

They’re formed of a hard outer shell of mint candy, and a softer inner centre of the chocolate. This combination can be a little on when you first try the candy, but mint and chocolate do go together wonderfully well.

This is another option that we were worried would taste a little medicinal. Thankfully, it doesn’t - the mint is milder than you might expect it to be, and the richness of the chocolate is just that: rich. That richness has the potential to taste a little fatty or over intense when paired with mint. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

Pocket Coffee

This is a fascinating combination of chocolate and coffee, and it’s one that we might buy out the whole stock of as soon as we can. Essentially, the candy is simple - it’s a milk chocolate shell that’s filled with sweetened, thickened espresso.

The espresso really is espresso! It has the rich and full-bodied notes of a good espresso, as well as the caffeine content. According to various sources online, three pieces of this candy roughly equate to a full shot of espresso, though much, much sweeter.

If you’re the kind of person that prefers a fruity palette in your candy, then this option likely isn’t for you. If not, though, then you should definitely try it! The enticing combination of chocolate and coffee already sounds great, so combining it for an amazing chocolate bar sounds absurdly good. 

Bubu lubu

Bubu lubu is a Mexican candy that is quite unheard of in other parts of the world. Just taking a look at it takes us back to some school time memories - the combination of fruit, chocolate, and marshmallow was sweet enough to appeal to kids while also being fruity enough to appeal to parents.

Essentially, Bubu lubu is a layer of marshmallow on the base, topped with a layer of strawberry jelly. That whole assembly is them wrapped in a layer of thin milk chocolate, designed to be crispy and enticing.

We haven’t been able to have one, but they sound utterly incredible - we really need to try them soon!

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