The 1960s (The Decade of Sweets Explained)

Have you ever wanted to try sweets from another era? A different decade? You may have wondered what kind of sweets your grandparents used to have when they were young. As time passes, new sweets hit the market, and old ones often either stop getting manufactured or become less popular so are taken off the market. 

However, years down the line your grandparents might recall the sweets that were available in their time but not anymore. The Sweet Hamper Company has come up with a hamper with 1960’s sweets that is retro-themed which perfectly describes that decade. 

There are four different available on their website and you can choose the buy the one that catches your eye. Every hamper has 1960’s sweets which you can enjoy and almost get transported back to that time especially if you are in your 60s or 70s now.

1960s Retro Sweet Hamper

You can even enjoy this hamper if you have not experienced the 60s but are curious about what kind of sweets were made back then. You will most likely recognise some of the sweets that are included in these hampers and boxes. The hampers come in different price ranges, the smaller one less expensive while the bigger one will have many more sweets. 

What Is Different About The Sweets Hamper Company?

As mentioned before, these sweets were very popular in the ’60s but rarely available anymore as there are so many new and more options available in the market however, at The Sweet Hamper Company, we understand that there is nothing better than having access to sweets so many years later that one would munch on when they were children. 


The Sweet Hamper Company’s 1960’s sweet hampers are not only for you to enjoy yourself but can also be a great gift if you are visiting an old friend or even going to a party where you can take this and all the other people there can also have the taste of these delicious sweets. 

One of these hampers can also be taken to a birthday party because there is no better occasion than a birthday party to have sweets like these. Other than that, it can be taken to a bachelorette party or you can even set up a sweets counter at your wedding and give your guest the best wedding sweets they have ever had. 

Baby showers are another great occasion that you can get these hampers whether you are a guest or a host, there may be plenty of children there who would enjoy munching on these sweets. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and pies are extremely overrated and can be found at every other baby shower, birthday, or wedding but this would be a unique idea

Strawberry Bon Bons

A few of our favourite sweets from the 1960s include: Sherbet Dip Dab, Rainbow Drops, Bon Bons and Blackjacks! All of these can be found in our larger products from the 1960s.

If you want to order one of these hampers for yourself or someone else like a family member or a friend, you can go to their website and order your hamper right now. All those yummy sweets will be at your doorstep soon and you can just sit, put on a movie and enjoy them all alone or you could have a movie night with friends and family and these will be the perfect movie partners.