The History of Chocolate

Everyone knows where it came from: chocolate, or rather, a drink made from cocoa beans, was loved in pre-Columbian America. But today, hardly anyone can say with certainty who and where first tasted chocolate, we will try to lift the veil and tell about the history of the favourite delicacy.

The history of sweets (or chocolate) started over four thousand years ago with Egyptian desserts described in papyri. In 600 BC. The Maya migrated to northern South America and established the first cocoa plantations in what is now Yucatan. The Aztecs, for example, used to believe that the god Quetzalcoatl, who came on Earth on the ray of the morning star, brought a cocoa tree as a gift to people and taught them how to roast and grind its fruits and prepare a nutritious paste from which you can make a chocolate drink.

For many centuries, chocolate has existed only in liquid form. But the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus, who was engaged in the classification of plants, changed the ancient name of cocoa to "theobroma", which translates from Greek as "food of the gods." Then, it is believed that Columbus was the first to bring cocoa in solid form.

Real chocolate has always been considered a luxury. Until the first cafe serving chocolate was opened in London in 1657. Mass production had begun!

In 1674, soft chocolate appeared in the form of bars and rolls. The first chocolate bar was made by Fry & Sons under the Chocolat Delicieux a Manger brand. The first milk chocolate appeared in Switzerland, after which the Swiss company Nestle gained popularity. In 1879, Rudolf Lindt from Bern released chocolate that melted in the mouth.

According to the Nestlé company, chocolate owes its popularity to four events: the receipt of cocoa powder in 1828, the reduction of excise taxes, the improvement of transportation, and the invention of solid chocolate. Now, the leader in the production of chocolate – USA.

The world eats 600,000 tons of chocolate annually, which makes chocolate production the one of the most lucrative food industries. It's enjoyed in MANY different forms from drinks, bars, deserts, and chocolate delivery is huge. From hampers, gift baskets, chocolates from around the world etc. People are even no combining products and bars are made to look like flower bouquets! Check out our gorgeous chocolate bouquets to see what I mean.

Chocolate is one of the few products that has transformed from a bitter Indian drink to an exquisite dessert of the nobility and a wide range of mass consumption products. In addition to its taste and commercial value, chocolate has the ability to cheer up and give strength.

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