The Sweet Hamper Company’s Encyclopaedia of Sweets - A

At the Sweet Hamper Company, we’re pretty proud of being candy connoisseurs. There’s not much we don’t know about sweets… and we’ve packed our sweet hampers, sweet boxes, sweet bouquets and all our other sweet gifts with all sorts of taste bud tingling delights.

So we got thinking about how we could share our love of sweeties… and have decided to bring you the ultimate guide to candy with the Sweet Hamper Company’s Encyclopaedia of Sweets!

Each blog post we’ll bring you the low down on sweets starting with different letters of the alphabet. We’ll be sharing the complete A-Z of candy. First up… the letter A!

American Hard Gums

American Hard Gums, otherwise known as ‘Gum Drops’ have been a staple of pick ‘n’ mix stores for decades. As expected, these sweets originate from the USA but little is known about their origins. Today, American Hard Gums come in a variety of different fruity flavours. However, when they first appeared they were traditionally flavoured with spices.

American Hard Gums

American Hard Gums have a unique consistency - they’re not chewy, they’re not jelly and they’re certainly not ‘hard’ in the sense of a boiled sweet. They’re somewhere in the middle, which is why they’re one of our favourite candies to feature in our retro sweet hampers and vintage sweets box.

Conjuring up days of old, these sweets certainly have a classic feel to them and they’ve been enjoyed for generations!


You can’t miss the distinctive taste of aniseed. Another retro favourite, aniseed sweets originated in the early 1900s in the form of aniseed balls. Edwardian sweet manufacturers used aniseed oil to create the unique flavour and they were

Aniseed Sweets

However, did you know, aniseed balls weren’t just for eating during WW2? Infact, they were used in combat as a time delay for setting off bombs! Aniseed balls dissolve slowly in water, so were used by soldiers when using mines against enemy ships as it gave them time to swim away before the blast.

Acid Drops

The clue’s in the name. Acid Drops pack a powerful sour punch thanks to being coated in sour sanding or sour sugar. Often flavoured with citrus fruits, the classic taste of Acid Drops tends to be bitter lemon and they certainly make your tongue tingle.

Acid Drops are another retro sweet or traditional pick ‘n’ mix flavour that can be found in the Sweet Hamper Company’s range of retro sweet hampers, sweet boxes and other sweet gifts.

Apple Belts

With their bright green colour and fizzy, tangy coating, Apple Belts provide a

Apple Belts

Deliciously sour and tangy, Apple Belts are another favourite which can be found in our sweet hamper collection.

Alphabet Letters

The letter ‘A’ in our sweet encyclopaedia wouldn’t be complete without Alphabet Letters. These pastel coloured candy are a familiar face in sweet shops and come in all sorts of different fruity flavours. We love playing a spot of countdown when we have a bag of Alphabet Letters… why not challenge yourself and see how many words you can create?

All of these ‘A’ letter sweets can be discovered in the Sweet Hamper Company’s wide range of retro sweet hampers, sweet boxes, sweet bouquets and other sweet gifts.

Stay tuned for the next letter in our sweet encyclopaedia and discover delicious candy beginning with the letter ‘B’.

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