The Sweet Hamper Company’s Encyclopaedia of Sweets - B

In the next instalment of the Sweet Hamper Company, we’ve rounded up some of the most delicious candy, chocolate and confectionery which begins with the letter ‘B’.

There’s no denying that at the Sweet Hamper Company, we call ourselves candy connoisseurs - in fact there’s not much we don’t know about sweet treats!

Each month we’ll be sharing with you a letter from our complete A-Z of candy, giving you the low down on almost every single sweet in the alphabet. 

Many of these sweets can be found in our wide range of sweet hampers, sweet boxes, sweet cones and other sweet gifts.

Barley Sugar

It doesn’t get much more traditional than Barley Sugar - one of the oldest forms of sweets available. These hard boiled sweets have been a staple of candy jars for centuries. In fact, the history of these little yellow globes dates back to the 1600s. It is believed that a nun in France created Barley Sugar as she was experimenting for medicinal remedies. It then became a popular treat amongst French nobility and today Barley Sugar even has its own museum in France!

Usually yellow or range in colour, Barley Sugar traditionally is flavoured with an extra of barley, however it is available in different flavours as well.

Black Jacks

A retro favourite, Black Jacks have a distinctive flavour which is a bit like marmite… you either love them or hate them! Their strong taste is thanks to aniseed - a spice which was an extremely popular flavour for sweets at the turn of the century.

Blackjack Sweets

Black Jacks have been manufactured in the UK since the 1920s and this chewy candy has been enjoyed by generations for over a century. 

These individually wrapped chews are often paired with juicer fruit salads. 

Bubble Gum

Available in a wide array of colours and flavours, bubble gum is a classic candy which is loved by millions across the globe. Traditional bubble gum actually has its own unique flavour (and this distinct taste is used as a flavouring for many other products, including soda and even ice cream!), however bubble gum is also available in a variety of different fruity flavours from a range of different producers.


Bubble gum also comes in loads of different sizes, shapes and textures, From round pin ball bubble gums, through to long tape bubble gums, there is so many to choose from!

Believed to have originated in the 1920s, bubble gum was created after a candy manufacturer was experimenting with normal chewing gum. The fact that the gum could be blown into a bubble added an extra element of fun to the candy, and it wasn’t long before bubble gum hit the shelves for sweet shops up and down the USA.


Ah, the classic bonbon! A sweet shop would not be complete without them! Named after the French word ‘good’ these sweets literally mean ‘good good’ and we can’t argue with that.

Traditionally, bonbons are a chocolate sphere with a flavoured filling inside. For the adults, this can be a liqueur based filling, however other fillings include praline, truffle chocolate, fudge or even marzipan.

Bonbons history stretches back to 17th century France (we get the impression that the French have a bit of a sweet tooth!). Originally enjoyed by the French royal court, bonbons quickly spread out across the rest of Europe and they’re still enjoyed across the world to this day.

Butter Mintoes

This hard boiled sweet has an unusual combination of butter and mint - a flavour combo which is utterly delicious. Another vintage or retro sweet favourite, butter mintoes are usually individually wrapped and come in a golden cream colour.

You can find most of these ‘B’ sweets in the Sweet Hamper Company’s range of sweet products, which includes retro sweet hampers, sweet subscription boxes and sweet cones.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be compiling candy beginning with the letter ‘C’ so stay tuned for the next instalment of our Encyclopaedia of sweets!