The Sweet Hamper Company’s Encyclopaedia of Sweets - C

It's the moment you’ve all been waiting for - the third in in the Sweet Hamper Company’s series of blogs focussing on sweets of the alphabet. In the latest instalment of the Sweet Hamper Company's Encyclopaedia of Sweets, we’re focussing on the letter C and giving you the lowdown about all the tastiest confectionery beginning with the third letter of the alphabet.

Each month, our team of experts are pulling together a feature focussing on different sweets which provides our readers with the complete A-Z of candy and chocolate… if it doesn’t get your taste buds tingling we don’t know what will!

Most of the sweets and candy featured in our blog posts can all be found in the Sweet Hamper Company’s range of wonderful sweet hampers, chocolate boxes, candy subscriptions and more.

Cola Bottles

Cola Bottles

A pick ‘n’ mix isn’t a pick ‘n’ mix without the classic cola bottles. These little gummy bottles come in a range of varieties, including covered in tangy fizzy sugar or in an extra large size, and they are one of our favourite types of candy. In fact cola bottles have been voted number 14 in a poll of the nation’s favourite sweets and candy and they’re one of the best selling sweets of all time according to Haribo.

The distinctive cola flavour always goes down a treat and brings back childhood memories.

Candy Sticks

Candy Sticks

These long, cylindrical sticks of hard candy are a retro favourite and they’re believed to have been first developed in the United States where they are known as ‘old fashioned candy’. Originally launched in the 1830s, these sweets have been delighting candy lovers for almost two centuries and they had been previously known as candy cigarettes in the UK for a number of years.

A staple in many school playgrounds throughout the 20th century, kids would often pretend that they were smoking a cigarette when enjoying this candy… obviously not allowed anymore!

Did you know, candy sticks are actually pineapple flavour?!



Candy Cane

Candy Cane

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without these stripey treats. Whether they’re hung on the Christmas tree or hiding in stockings for Christmas morning, these festive treats are traditionally white and red and flavoured with peppermint, although these days they’re available in a multitude of different flavours.

Candy canes first appeared in literature in the 1860s and they became associated with the festive season in the late 1800s, just before the turn of the century.

The modern day form of the candy cane originated in the USA, however there is folklore which states that historically candy canes came from Cologne in German way back in the 1670s.

Who knows, maybe we'll introduce a few of these into our Christmas sweet hampers later in the year!

Cherry lips

Cherry Lips

Another favourite on the pick ‘n’ mix scene, cherry lips provide a delicious, unusual juicy burst of flavour which is sometimes described as ‘soapy’ or ‘floral’. These are traditional retro sweets and because of their distinctive floral, perfume flavour, they’re either loved or hated!

We carried out a poll of our local friends and family to see who did and who didn't like these awesome little flavoured lips and the results were almost 50/50!





Who remembers the catchy TV ad for Chewits in the 1990s featuring Chewie the Chewitsaurus? We’re still singing the jingle in our head today! These individually wrapped chewy sweets come in a wide array of flavours including strawberry, ice cream and blackcurrant and were first produced in the 1960s.

Did you know, there has even been a video game spin off featuring the Chewie the Chewitsaurus character.

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