Sweets Beginning with D

We continue our encyclopaedia of sweets with the next D-licious entry on the list. That's right, the fourth letter of the alphabet delivers some absolute confectionary classics!

From melt-in-your-chocolate bars and retro lollipops to classic gummies and innovative dips, there's a kaleidoscope of candy, sweets and chocolate on our list. As candy connoisseurs, we're all too happy to take this scrumptious journey of the best sweets beginning with D – many of which can be found in our range of sweet hamperssweet bouquets and sweet boxes!

Sweets Beginning With D

Dairy Milk

Probably the most famous British chocolate bar, Dairy Milk chocolate was created in 1904 by George Cadbury Jr. The famous chocolatier came up with the idea for a solid block of chocolate when looking for ways to use up extra cocoa butter.

Known for its rich and creamy texture, Dairy Milk is regularly voted the most popular chocolate bar in the U.K. The secret to its sweet success is down to the milk – a glass and a half for fresh milk is used for every 1/2 pound of chocolate – as well as the high quality of the cocoa beans used for production.

In 2013, Cadbury smoothed the corners off of Dairy Milk bars, changing the shapes of the individual chocolate pieces from square to rounder edges. The idea was that rounder shapes melt in the mouth better, while people match sweeter taste of milk chocolate with rounder shapes.

There are now a huge variety of Dairy Milk candy bar spin-offs, from Dairy Milk Buttons and Dairy Milk Fingers to Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut and Dairy Milk Caramel – all of which you'll find in our Huge Cadbury Chocolate Hamper.

Drumstick lollies 

Drumstick Lollies

A retro sweet that conjures up memories of childhood sweetshops and pick 'n' mix counters, Drumsticks have been a hit with British schoolchildren for many decades. Created by Swizzels, the sweet makers behind Refreshers and Palma Violets, Drumstick lollies first appeared over sixty years ago. 

Much loved for their chewy texture and double flavour sensation of raspberry and milk, Drumsticks combine the pleasure of a soft chewy sweet with the fun of a lollipop. You can now also get Drumstick Squashies – the classic sweet in the form of bubblegum.

Having said that, the classic version is still going strong... did you know, there are over 165 million Drumstick Lollies made every year?! Now, that’s a lot of sweets!

Dolly Mixture 

Dolly Mixture

Another scrumptious blast from the past, Dolly Mixture has been delighting sweet lovers for generations. Although the exact origins of these little chewy treats are hard to trace, it's thought that the recipe was passed down through the Clayton family and that the name came from the daughter of one of the candy’s salesmen. Other theories link the invention of Dolly Mixture to the British Raj in India, with 'Dolly' coming from the term 'Dal' – a mixture of beans, peas and lentils of different shapes and sizes.

Whatever its origins, Dolly Mixture is a staple British confection, containing a delicious mix of soft and chewy fondant sweets, from squishy squares to gummy rolls.

These delicious candies are so good that we've included them in a huge number of our sweet hampers... especially the retro ones!

Double Lollies 

Double Lollies

Dating back to 1952, the same year that Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne, Double Lollies have been a firm favourite from the Swizzles factory for decades. Yet another classic retro sweet, these lollies have a unique texture and flavour which gives them an appeal like no other. 

Double Lollies feature two different delicious flavours merged into one, with flavour combinations that include lemon, pineapple, orange, cherry and lime. Tangy, powdery and sweet, with a long-lasting taste, Double Lollies are still one of the most popular lollies around.

Double Dips 

Double Dips

Chock full of tangy fizzy sherbet, Swizzels Double Dips have been providing a sweet treat for many decades. Their classic retro packaging hasn’t changed since the 1970s, which only adds to the nostalgic factor – Double Dips truly are a trip down memory lane!

While it's true that Double Dips peaked in popularity in the 1980s, they're still adored by little kids – not to mention bigger, grown up kids! The sherbet powders in a double dip are two different flavours – one cherry and one orange – with a dip stick for each pouch. Double the flavour, double the fun! 

The idea for Double Dips came from Swizzels' desire to create a product that was distinct and, more importantly, interactive. It worked a (sweet) treat. Kids couldn't get enough and soon other brands were jumping on board the sherbet sachet with dip stick idea...

Dip Dab 

Dip Dab

Another old school sweet candy classic, sherbet Dip Dab is a tongue-tingling treat that has delighted school kids for generations. Sweet and fizzy, this delicious snack consists of a sachet of tangy sherbet together with a fruity bright red lollipop. Much like Double Dips, the idea is to dip the lolly in the sherbet and lick away until your heart's content!

Created in the 1970s, right off the back of the Double Dip craze, Dip Dabs soon became just as popular as their sherbet/lollipop rivals. Today, they're still loved by kids and adults alike.

Daim Bar

Velvety smooth on the outside, wonderfully crunchy on the inside, Daim bars have a taste and texture that makes them very different from other popular chocolate bars. The inside has a very satisfying crunch – like a hard caramel or toffee consistency, with the added bonus of almond flakes. The outer coating has a buttery chocolate consistency that melts in the mouth.

The taste of Daim is almost smoky caramel. It's really a unique flavour that you don't usually find in chocolate bars. Created in Sweden in 1952, Daim bar was originally known as Dajm. In the U.K. it was first known as Dime, until the name was eventually changed to "Daim" in 2005, to match the worldwide standard spelling.

Double Decker

A big bold British favourite, Double Deckers pack a punch. A marvellous mixture of milk chocolate, nougat and crispy, crunchy cereal, this chunky, chewy chocolate bar gets its name from the double-decker buses that are so renowned in the U.K., particularly London.

Double Deckers are, unsurprisingly, structured in two layers – the upper deck is a delicious whipped nougat, the lower the crispy cereal. These double layers are coated in milk chocolate to seal the deal.

This classic chocolate bar hit the streets back in 1976. In the early days, raisins were mixed in with the cereal base layer, but were dropped from the ingredients in the mid '80s. Aside from a chewy stringiness that brings Curly Wurlies to mind, as well as the cereal crunch, Double Deckers have coffee undertones, making this choc the perfect companion to your mid-morning mocha!


Two fingers of fabulous caramel chocolate and wonderful wafer, combining for a satisfying crunch and a melt-in-your-mouth flavour, Drifter was one of the most popular chocolate bars of the '80s. Fast forward two decades and Drifter drifted away, before making a comeback in 2007.

Unfortunately, in 2018, Nestlé pulled the plug once again. Like many sweet treats of yesteryear, there's an online petition to bring the Drifter bar back. Will it reappear? Stranger things have happened!

DOTS Candy

Dots, otherwise known as Mason Dots, is a classic American gum drop that launched back in 1945. Chewy and fruity, with the hint of a floral fragrance, DOTS are still very popular in the U.S., although not so much throughout the rest of the world.

Aside from the original version, other varieties of DOTS Candy include Tropical DOTS, Yogurt DOTS and Sour DOTS.

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