The Sweet Hamper Company’s Encyclopedia of Sweets - E

As we chart our journey through the A-Z of sweets, candy, chocolate and confectionery, we’re discovering a wide array of different flavour sensations from across the world.

As experts in all things sweet, the team at the Sweet Hamper Company have been searching far and wide for the finest, highest quality candy to feature in our Encyclopedia of Sweets, and in this blog post we’ll be exploring sweets which begin with the letter E!

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Chocolate Eclair

Chocolate Eclairs

Chewy caramel encases smooth milk chocolate to create these classic chocolate candies, Created by Cadbury, these sweets were invented in 1932. Individually wrapped they feature in bags and also mixed tubs of Cadbury chocolates. The sweet chewy exterior is delicious as the milk chocolate seeps through as you chew. Absolutely divine!



Easter Eggs

Everybody loves an Easter Egg. Available in all shapes and sizes, Easter Eggs have become more elaborate over the centuries, with unusual flavour combinations now available on supermarket shelves.

Chocolate Easter Eggs first appeared in the 1700s as an offshoot of the traditional Christian custom of gifting eggs throughout the Easter period. In the 1870s the first manufactured chocolate Easter Eggs were introduced in Britain, and the modern custom has grown ever since!


Whether its mini eggs or fried eggs, there are a range of different candy eggs to choose from. Gummy fried eggs are a staple of most pick and mix bags - a

Fried Eggs

Whilst mini eggs feature a hard, egg shaped milk chocolate encased with a crunch, coloured and speckled shell. A perfect threat throughout the Easter season, they’re a signal that spring is on its way!

Plus, not forgetting the family favourite Creme Egg, created by Cadbury. A milk chocolate shell encases a white and yellow fondant which is perfectly sweet! Invented in the 1960s, these days it wouldn’t be Easter without Creme Eggs!


Everlasting Gobstopper

Most famous for featuring in classic children’s book, Charlie and the Chocolate

Everlasting Gobstopper

Everlasting Gobstoppers were invented by Roald Dahl in his book as a candy which you can continue to suck, but it never gets smaller. Since then the candy has featured in film adaptations and in 1976, the fictional sweet was created into a real product similar to a normal gobstopper or jawbreaker

Did you know, a prop of a real gobstopper used by Gene Wilder in the 1971 film adaptation sold for an incredible £100,000.


Extra strong mints

If you’re looking for a minty blast, Extra Strong Mints do just that… and then some! They’re not called ‘extra strong’ for no reason! Their distinctive peppermint flavour isn’t for the faint hearted, and you’ll find the taste very strong compared to most other mints including mint humbugs. Ideal as a breath freshener, it's unlikely that you’ll need more than one or two in one sitting!

Edinburgh Rock

Originally invented in the 19th century, this traditional Scottish confectionery is in fact very different from the traditional candy rock you find beside the seaside. Edinburgh Rock has a soft and crumbly texture, different to the solid hard consistency of seaside sticks of rocks, and comes in a variety of different colours and fruit flavours. It is created by combining ingredients including sugar, water, cream of tartar, colourings and flavourings.



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