Encyclopaedia of Sweets - Beginning with F

The next stop on our encyclopedia and A-Z of sweets and confectionery is the letter F. In this latest installment we’ll be exploring the candy, confectionery and chocolate which begins with the letter F, featuring many different flavours and taste sensations from across the globe.

Sweets Beginning with F

We know everything there is to know about sweets here at the Sweet Hamper Company, and the team is passionate about discovering the finest candy to feature in each letter instalment of our Encyclopedia of Sweets. The letter F is full of classic flavours to tingle any taste bud, so come with us as we explore the wonderful candy which starts with this letter.

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Fruit Pastilles

Did you know, this classic from Rowntree’s has been delighting kids

Fruit Pastilles

and big kids alike for over 140 years! Originally invented in Tyneside in England, the sweets are still produced there to this day, and can be found in countries all over the world including Australia, China and Taiwan. Each pastille has the texture of jelly and is coated with sugar, and flavours include strawberry, blackcurrant and lemon. Over the years there have also been special flavours released by Rowntree’s, including the latest creation of dessert flavours, featuring cherry bakewell and mango sorbet.


Classic British fudge is a staple of sweet shops up and down the country. Created by heating together sugar, butter and milk, fudge offers a deliciously sweet taste and soft crumbly texture which is hard to resist.


Fudge can be found in either classic plain flavour, or can be available in a wide assortment of different flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, dried fruit and even nuts. In the UK, the South is famous for its clotted cream fudge, made using clotted cream and creating an even creamier flavour. 

Fruit slices

Fruit slices are a vintage classic. Available in a wide variety of flavours, but most commonly lemon and orange, fruit slices are jelly sweets in the shape of slices of fruit, covered in a thin layer of sugar. Fruit slices are a staple of many Christmas stockings, and are loved by people of all ages!

Fruit Slices


Fluffy, pink and blue and oh so squishy, flumps and a favourite component of any pick and mix bag. These British marshmallow sweets are available in long, individually wrapped pieces, or small cylinder pieces which are cut up, but don’t lose their helix shape. Originally appearing on sweet shop shelves in the 1970s, Flumps continue to be a popular choice and can be found in our sweet hampers and sweet boxes.

Fizzy Watermelon Slices

Fizzy Watermelon Slices

These watermelon flavoured jelly slices are covered in fizzy, sour sugar which gives them a flavour burst when you put them in your mouth. Once again, another popular choice in pick and mix bags and boxes, these candies provide a tropical taste.



Flying Saucers

It doesn’t get more retro than flying saucers. These sweets were invented in the 1950s at a time when the space race was dominating daily life, and as the name implies, are UFO in shape. Each flying saucer is made from colourful rice paper with a tangy sherbet filling. In 2009, they were named as 12th in a pole of Britians top sweets and it's not hard to see why!

Bag of flying saucers

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