The Kings & Queens Of Chocolate - The Top 10 Worldwide Producers

The Kings & Queens Of Chocolate - The Top 10 Worldwide Producers

One of the joys of childhood is indulging in chocolates. It doesn’t matter how old you get- the gooey chocolatey inside and the crispy crunch of the shell have you craving it on your best and worst days! 

Chocolates are the world’s most popular and widely-shared snack. They’re a must whenever anyone is celebrating! We have chocolate hampers in formal and informal events. Whether it’s summer or winter, they taste equally delicious. New chocolate trends come and go but there are a few cult classics which have lasted over the years. These have been around for hundreds of years and seem like they’ll never go out of trend. Yes, I’m talking about Mars, Bounty, Ferrero Rochers and Kinder Buenos. 

That’s why chocolate hampers are so common. What can be a better gift than receiving a huge basket full of your favourite chocolates all wrapped up in a beautiful hamper?

But who are the masterminds behind these famous chocolates? Who creates these mouthwatering flavours and makes sure they’re available wherever we are on the globe? Let’s talk about the world’s top 10 producers of chocolate and what they do!

Mars Wrigley Company

Mars Wrigley is one of the largest producers of chocolate with household names such as Galaxy, Bounty, Snickers, and the famous Mars bars. It is a leader in the market with US$18 billion in sales per year and owns the world's largest chocolate factory in the Netherlands. It’s also the sixth-largest privately-held company in the US, according to Forbes. It was founded by Franklin Clarence Mars in 1911. The Milky Way bar (‘chocolate malted milk in a candy bar’) was the firm’s first concoction in 1929 and the famous Mars bar followed soon after. 

In 2008, Mars went a step further and bought Wrigley, the world’s largest chewing gum company.

With confectionery companies receiving a bad rep for their health impact, Mars has recently stopped the use of artificial colours. It has also launched vegan versions of some of its top products. It’s also switched to renewable energy sources and is using enough renewable energy to create all of its M&M lines, and is investing 1 billion US dollars to build a new cocoa supply chain model that focuses on smaller farmers. It is also planning to use paper packaging to avoid plastic waste.

A huge amount of these Mars chocolate bars can be found in our chocolate gift boxes!

Mars Chocolate

Ferrero Group

Famous for its hazelnut chocolate-filled Ferrero Rocher, the Ferrero group leads the chocolate manufacturing business with an annual production of 365,000 tonnes of Nutella per annum. It has 25 factories worldwide and has incredible sales of $13 billion per year. Ferrero provides a range of chocolate products in a round shape that melts once you put them in your mouth. It is known for its round shape and presentation. The golden colour gives it an attractive colour, fulfilling the ultimate experience for customers.


Mondelez International

Its famous chocolate brands like Oreo, Cadbury, Toblerone, etc. have made it a household name. Founded in 2012, it has seen rapid success in operations in 80 countries and made a turnover of US$12 billion. Mondelez has invested heavily in cocoa production and has planted 2.2 million trees to ensure a smooth supply    Chain

Meiji Company, Ltd.

Based in Japan, Meiji produces chocolate bars and other related products such as biscuits. Out of its 130 chocolate products, the most famous one is Meiji milk chocolate. It generates US$9 billion in revenue through its products, making it one of the top producers of chocolate. The company always used fresh cocoa beans and supported the local farmers.

Hershey & Co.

It produces America's most famous brand, Hershey's Kisses, selling more than 70 million products. Other brands are famous worldwide and we all know their names. KitKat and Twizzlers are produced under the name Hershey. It makes it to the top as a chocolate producer with US$8.2 billion in sales. It has chocolate syrup that can be used with different other products.



Nestle is one of the oldest and largest companies. In 1904, Nestlé began selling chocolate interestingly. In any case, even before this milestone second, the Nestlé organisation assumed a significant part in the improvement of milk chocolate. It has a great market presence with more than 2,000 brands. Its huge market share produces an annual turnover of US$8 billion. It offers the best customer choice in the form of chocolate products such as milk bars, Yorkies, and white and brown chocolate.


Sprungli & Lindt -

The Swiss chocolate makers are famous for their signature cocoa bean recipe. It freshly picks cocoa beans and mixes them in hot chocolate to give you freshly made chocolate bars. Each cocoa bean can be traced back to its origin due to its bean-to-bar strategy. Their global key brand remains the LindtBrand, which is their premium chocolate brand using the best quality chocolate. Their local brands include Ghirardelli, Russell Stover Chocolate, Whitman's, which is the largest and oldest brand of boxed chocolates in the United States, Pangburn’s of Texas, which is specifically for Texas, and Caffarel.


Pladis Global

It provides the best, most luxurious, and most expensive chocolate brands that are hard and crispy to eat. It has a brand presence with 34 factories across different countries. Its brand, Godiva, has its own retail shops and cafeterias. More than 16,000 workers work around the globe to make more than 75 brands. The company has a tradition of innovation and creates flavours that suit flavours that suit all taste buds at all times. The company is the second-largest biscuit manufacturer. Products are enjoyed across 150 countries by billions of people.

Groupe Ezaki GlicoGroupe Ezaki Glico

Ezaki has settled in Osaka, Japan. Its annual revenue exceeded $3.2 billion, thanks to over 24 significant plants and nearly 5000 representatives. Its annual revenue exceeded $3.2 billion, thanks to over 24 significant plants and nearly 5000 representatives. It was destroyed inWorld War World War 2 but came back in the following years. Ezaki is one of the biggest sugar dessert shops and snack makers in Asia. Its unique items incorporate chocolate bars, rolls and wafers, truffles, pralines, and filled chocolates. In addition to general flavours, it also offers caramel flavour and almond flavour products. Chocolate-coated sticks come in many flavours. Its sales were larger than 10 billion packages. Other products include coated almonds and waffle biscuits in chocolate or strawberry flavour.

Orion Corp.

Orion is one of the largest producers of chocolate in South Korea. Its product, Choco Pie, is a well-known brand in Asia. It has established facilities in other countries and has a large market share in China, Vietnam, and the United States. Its products include choco pie, which is a combination of chocolate and biscuits. Cherry Pie is a choco pie which has cherry flavour and jam. Choco Boy is a mushroom-shaped cookie with a caramel stick. One of its great products is ChocoChip Biscuits with its Belgian chocolate flavour.