Types of Chocolate, Explained

Whether you are going through a breakup, having a bad day at work, an unproductive day sitting and lazing around, or even just feeling a little bored, if you love chocolate, you should keep reading. Chocolates are beneficial if consumed in the right amount and quality. Do you know what’s exciting? A chocolate hamper!


The Different Types of Chocolate

Chocolate comes in different forms, tastes, shapes, and sizes. There is white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sweetened, unsweetened, and many many more. One of the most famous chocolate brands out there is from Dairy Milk, Reese’s, and Hershey’s that are available all around the world. What if you found out that you get your chocolate delivery at your doorstep and not just one chocolate but a whole hamper?

The most popular chocolate in the UK voted for in a recent poll is Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (which can of course be found in a number of our most popular hampers! We’ve gone into a little more detail below about the 3 most popular chocolate types in the UK. Milk, Dark and White.

Milk Chocolate

The holy grail of chocolate! The most popular kind in the world. Did you know that it only actually contains between 10 and 40 percent cacao? The rest is mainly made up of sugar and milk to create this delicious chocolate taste. This added sugar gives it a much sweeter taste.

Dark Chocolate

The taste of dark chocolate is much more bitter than that of milk chocolate. There is much less sugar and contains an emulsifier like soy lecithin to preserve the texture. There are different strengths of dark chocolate right up to 99%! Now from experience we can confirm that it is very bitter. A number of well known brands have also introduced flavours to dark chocolate.

White Chocolate

Did you know that technically white chocolate is not a chocolate at all? It contains a blend of sugar, cocoa butter, milk products, lecithin and vanilla. It contains absolutely no chocolate solids which is the reason we cannot call it a chocolate. Who remembers those awesome Milky Bars?? One of our favourites.

How can we help?

Here at the Sweet Hamper Company we specialise in hampers as the name suggests. Our chocolate hampers are a chocolate lover’s heaven because you can get your favourite chocolate customized in a range of sized hampers. The hamper is a great gift for Valentine’s Day to give your significant other or even to friends if you are single.

You can add all types of chocolates such as dark, milk, white, semisweet, bittersweet, and whatnot! You can get this hamper for your kid, niece, and nephew on your birthday or just a treat on a usual day. You will find your chocolate delivery at your doorstep soon after you have ordered it.

These chocolate hampers can be taken to parties, weddings, birthdays, baby showers and can even be ordered for yourself. There are hampers at different prices available on their website and you can order yours whichever is the best one for you.

If you are a host and you are planning an event whether it is a small party at your house or holding a big get-together to celebrate something, these hampers are perfect to replace cakes or other sweet items with. They are not only a lot less messy but guests get to take it home with them instead of throwing it away like cake slices or many other sweet items.

How To Order? 

If you want to place an order for a hamper of your own, all you have to do is go to the Sweet Hamper Company website, choose your hamper or customize it, whichever is more convenient for you and then add it to your cart. Next, you need to put in your details, check out and place your order. Your chocolate delivery will reach you as soon as possible.

The company is even providing free delivery on certain hampers so if you choose the one with free delivery, you will not have to worry about paying any extra money for delivery but just your hamper. You can even get it delivered to someone’s house like a family member or friend on special occasions and customize it according to their liking, i.e., whatever chocolates they like.

You can mix different chocolates if you want a hamper that has many different chocolates or from different brands as customization is totally up to you.