Valentines Gift Guide for Your Loved One

Valentines Gift Guide for Your Loved One

The lead up to Valentine’s Day is here, a time of celebrating love and affection. Each year, as February 14th approaches, we all share the same desire: to find the perfect gift for our cherished partner. Whether that’s a sweet gift or an experience, knowing where to start can be daunting.

Valentine’s Day is a happy occasion full of romance and love, and we don’t want the pressure of gift-giving to overshadow it.

We've compiled a list of expert tips on how to find the perfect Valentine’s, or Galentine's Day gifts for your loved one. After reading this guide, you’ll be browsing the internet as an expert gift giver, knowing exactly what romantic gift ideas will express your feelings and impress your partner!

Listen closely

If you listen closely, your partner will subconsciously (or consciously if they are clever) be dropping hints about Valentine's gifts that they would love and appreciate, giving you bundles of inspiration and creating the ultimate list.

In passing conversations, they may mention a band they love, a sweet they haven’t had in a long time or a pair of earrings they love. These brief conversations can snowball into some really great and thoughtful Valentine’s gift ideas.

It’s the small things, like listening and being thoughtful that count, so if you’ve managed to find a gem while talking to them, run with it, even if it's a practical gift like beauty products they have run out of - if it's something they would buy for themselves, it's a great idea.

Consider their hobbies and interests 

What does your Valentine do in their free time? Are they really into sports, or do they love going to the movies?

It’s important to acknowledge and appreciate each other's passions, so if you can choose a gift related to something they love, you'll hit the jackpot.

If they are a sports fan, consider getting them tickets to a local game and going together. Whenever possible, incorporating their hobby into a shared activity is always a great gift idea!

Plan ahead 

Avoid last minute stress and plan your gift well in advance. Not only does this take the pressure off of you, but it also allows you to take time and think about what they want rather than buy a present they are not going to use in a panic.

Valentine’s Day is all about showing our appreciation for each other, and it’s important to show that thought has gone into the gift. This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive; it could be handmade, just as long as they can see how much you know and care about them from the gift.

Quality over quantity

Giving gifts isn't about how much money you have spent, instead it’s about showing you value your significant other. 

For Valentine’s Day, picking out one thoughtful gift is better than giving 100 gifts that hold no sentimental value or meaning. The best Valentine's gifts come from the heart!

Think back to all of the important times you’ve had together as a couple, is there anything you can create to symbolise this? This could be creating a photo album, writing a love note, or making dinner!

Get creative

Valentine’s Day gifts don’t have to be shop bought or be big grand gestures, in fact, a homemade gift are just the thing to add value and charm to the act of gift giving and they make some of the very best gifts.

You could bake their favourite cake, plan a date night, romantic weekend or make a card. Whatever it is, if it comes from the heart and they are romantic gifts, it will be the perfect present and your partner will appreciate and love it. 

What is their love language? 

We all want to receive love in different ways. Some of us like words of affirmation and some of us prefer gift giving and your partner will have a unique love language too. 

Think back to birthdays and Christmas to think about what they appreciated the most and create a gift that speaks their love language.  

Surprise them!

Don’t forget about the element of surprise, we know it’s hard, but keep your perfect Valentine's Day gift gift a secret until Valentine’s Day to make the moment even more special.

Best Valentine's Day Gift ideas:

Below are some unique and fun gift ideas for your partner on Valentine’s Day. 

Sweet Hamper

If your partner has got a sweet tooth, a Sweet Hamper or box is the perfect way to treat them this Valentine’s Day. 

Sweet Hampers include a whole range of sweets, and you can even get Valentine’s Day specific ones that include love themed sweets. 

We know for sure that a sweet hamper is a meaningful gift that won't be left out on the shelf to collect dust. 

Chocolate Bouquet

Chocolate Bouquet

A Chocolate Bouquet is a bouquet made of just chocolate. The two classic Valentine's Day gift around Valentine’s Day are red roses and chocolates, so why not combine the two and gift a Chocolate Bouquet?

Each carefully arranged piece not only appeals to the eye but also satisfies the sweet tooth, making it a perfect gift to express affection. Whether it's for a romantic partner, a friend, or a family member, a Chocolate Bouquet adds a touch of sweetness to any Valentine's Day celebration.

Experience Day 

If your partner has always gone on about how much they would love to skydive or want to go on a romantic getaway, book an experience day

There are hundreds to choose from and you can pick one that reflects a hobby of your partner. It’s a great way to get a day in where you can spend quality time together whilst also ticking something off of the bucket list and is one of the best Valentine's Day gifts!

Personalised Gifts

This is where you can add a personal touch. A custom made piece or personalised jewelry can make the perfect sentimental gift.

For example, consider a personalised bracelet or earrings engraved with a meaningful message or date. Personal gifts show thought and effort, making them cherished by the recipient when you exchange gifts.

By following this ultimate guide and considering these gift ideas, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day the right way and have a truly memorable and heartfelt celebration of love and affection for your special someone.

Customised Playlist

Create a playlist of songs that hold special meaning to your relationship or remind you of your partner. It's a thoughtful and sentimental gift that can be enjoyed anytime.

Gift set

Look for a gift set of her favourite perfume brand