What Are Freeze Dried Sweets?

What Are Freeze Dried Sweets?

Rising to popularity on TikTok, freeze dried sweets are some of the trendiest sweets around and we are seeing them all over the place, but what actually are they?

Freeze dried candy are sweets, such as marshmallows and chocolate, that have undergone the freeze drying process (a method of removing moisture from food products whilst preserving taste and nutritional value and extending the shelf life - originally used for space travel and military rations) When these sweets come out of this process, they are dry, lightweight and have a crunchy texture and have an insane flavour.

This unique texture is what draws the younger generation to these sweets, with many even using them to make ASMR content, and we can't lie - they do look delicious!

Freeze dried sweets

The freeze drying process

Freeze drying involves lowering the temperature to freeze the sweets and then gradually reducing the pressure to allow sublimation, where water transitions directly from solid to vapor. This process can take several hours to days, depending on the type and quantity of sweets being freeze dried and results in a serious crunch when you bite into the sweet.

What does freeze dried candy taste like

Typically, freeze dried candy tastes similar to the original flavour of the sweet. However, there may be some subtle differences in taste and texture compared to the regular versions of the candy.

The freeze drying process can intensify the flavour of the candy because of the removal of the water content. This can result in a more concentrated taste experience.

Freeze dried candy tends to have a crunchy texture compared to its original form. The removal of moisture leaves the candy light and airy, with a completely crispy texture that can be quite enjoyable.

Freeze dried sweets

Are freeze dried sweets safe

Yes, freeze dried candy is as safe to consume as any other candy. During the process, all of the nutritional value stays the same!

How to freeze dry sweets at home

If you want to be creative, you can freeze dry candy at home and make some of your favourite sweets even better!

You'll need a freeze dryer. Freeze dryers are specialised machines designed to remove moisture from food items while preserving their structure and flavour. Choose the sweets you want to freeze dry. This could include fruits, candies, marshmallows, refreshers etc.

Prepare your sweets by arranging them on trays that are suitable for use in the freeze dryer. Make sure they are evenly spaced and not touching each other to ensure even drying.

Place the trays of sweets into the freeze dryer, following the manufacturer's instructions for loading. Start the freeze drying process according to the settings recommended for your specific machine. This typically involves lowering the temperature to freeze the sweets and then gradually reducing the pressure to allow sublimation (the direct transition of water from solid to vapor). The process can take anywhere from several hours to a couple of days, depending on the type and quantity of sweets you are freeze drying.

Once the freeze drying process is complete, the sweets should be dry and crispy. Remove them from the trays and place them into airtight containers for storage and get ready for the taste adventure.

Freeze dried sweets

The best sweets to freeze dry

When it comes to choosing which sweets to freeze dry - it all depends on what sweets you enjoy and there are a huge range of sweets that can be freeze dried! However, there are some sweets that are incredibly popular to freeze dry.

Gummy candies like gummy bears or yellow bellies result in a crunchy and flavourful version of this already great sweet!

Skittles are also a firm favourite - the shells often crack and a super crunchy and super fruity skittle is created!

Chew Bars are also very popular from refreshers to wham bars - we can't think of anything better than a crunchy version of this chewy and sour sweet!

Sweet cereal, such as lucky charms, are also a great one to freeze dry. The already crunchy texture is intensified and the sweet and fruity flavours take over and melt in your mouth!

Freeze dried sweets

Creative ways to enjoy freeze dried candy

Freeze dried candy is amazing on its own - but it can also be incorporated into other snacks to elevate them to another level.

Top your desserts:

Crush freeze dried candy and use it as a colourful and flavourful topping for desserts like ice cream, yogurt, cakes, or cupcakes.

Mix into popcorn:

Combine freeze-dried candy with popcorn for a sweet and salty snack. The crunchy texture of the candy pairs well with the lightness of the popcorn.

Make trail mix:

Mix freeze-dried candy with nuts, pretzels, and dried fruit to create a tasty trail mix. It's perfect for snacking on-the-go or for a quick energy boost during outdoor activities.

Blend into milkshakes or smoothies:

Incorporate freeze dried candy into milkshakes or smoothies. Blend it with milk, ice cream, and your favourite fruits for a delicious treat.

Use it to decorate your baking

Use whole or crushed freeze dried candy to decorate cookies, brownies, or cakes. It's a fun way to add vibrant colours and unique flavours to your baked creations.

Garnish cocktails or Mocktails:

Use freeze-dried candy as a garnish for cocktails or mocktails. It adds a playful touch and extra flavour to your drinks.