What Makes a Gift Special?

What makes any gift special? Some people may think that it’s the price on the ticket whilst others think it’s the brand on the box. Neither of these are right or wrong as at the end of the day it’s a mater of opinion. But we have taken a look at the things we believe are most important when it comes to making a gift special. 

We believe that the most important gifts are the ones that you remember. In 20 years time if someone asks you ‘what is the most special gift you have ever received’, which gifts will stand out? The true value of a gift is who gave it to you and how personalise this gift is. It’s always nice to gift someone a present or gift with their name and a special message. It will really enable you to show the person how much you love them, appreciate them, and thereby strengthen your relationship. Check out our range of personalised chocolate hampers as a perfect example of making a gift special and personal.

Personalised Chocolate Hamper

Price is not important 

It seems to many of us that the more expensive the gift is, the more we demonstrate to the person that we care about him. In fact, this is not the case, there is no direct relationship between the price and the joy of the gift. Having said that, who doesn’t love a trip abroad as a special treat? We’re only jesting, of course, but it’s true some people do love an expensive gift!


What is the essence of a gift? Obviously - to express an attitude towards a special person. That is, the gift must be personable in some way. At this point it will become not just a useless thing but will acquire a special meaning for both of you. A person can forget about an object or a meaningless gift, but they will not forget about the emotions. A special gift is one that has been thought about, one that touches the heart, maybe one that means something to the recipient. If you dont know yourself what to get why not ask the opinion of other close friends or relatives for ideas and suggestions?

Common interests are the best choice 

When choosing a gift, think about the hobbies you share with this person. 9 times out of 10 if we were buying a gift for ourselves we’d know right away what to get. Why not see if you have some common interests with the recipient and get something similar? Maybe it’s a gift that you can experience together! A cooking joint cooking class, some concert tickets to see your favourite band or a large personalised sweet hamper  These kind of gives bring special memories and emotions. 

Just ask 

If you have no common interests, simply ask other people what the person would like to receive as a gift. Research shows that people are more attracted to the gifts they have asked for. The easiest way to make a person happy is to ask directly what he or she wants.


But what if all of the points above were brought together? Is there any gift, that can make any person happy? Actually, you should even search for it on the Internet. The answer is pretty simple. Those are sweets! Of course we may be slightly biased here ;)

We all know sweets improve our mood when we’re feeling down or gloomy. Sweets are a universal gift that fits anytime and anywhere. For Christmas, for a birthday, for Valentine's day. And these gifts will always make us happy. 

They can be enjoyed  anytime and anywhere, they dont have to be expensive, you can share them with your friends and some of the larger gifts can be enjoyed over a period of time - meaning you can get together more often!

Personalised sweet boxes or hampers are a perfect solution, which will easily help you with this uneasy choice.

To make the gift even more special here at the Sweet Hamper company we offer a huge range of products that can suit anyone. Whether it’s for your friend, your parents, or your partner, we’ve got your back. We make sweet hampers based on the interests of the person who will receive them. 

Our personalised hamper contains 22 bars, each of which is packed with love according to what our customers want. Our goal is to make sure that the person will receive the unique and tasty gift, that will remain in his memory.