What to Include in a Sweet and Chocolate Hamper?

Gifting a close friend or relative a Sweet and Chocolate Hamper for their special day is a very good idea, especially if there’s a birthday coming up. However, figuring out what Sweet & Chocolate Hamper you should buy and what it should have in it can be a tricky decision with so many cool and fun products around. With that in mind, here are some ideas that you want to check out right away.

Chocolate Bars
The obvious choice is to go with chocolate bars right? But which ones? These are very simple, convenient and down right awesome delectable treats are a must. Some of our favourite chocolate to include are those good old classics such as Dairy Milks, Galaxy or even Giant Buttons.

Chocolate Bars

However there are a number of people out their who might prefer something a little more luxurious. How about some Ferrero Rocher or Lindt? These may push the price up slightly but they will be worth every penny. There are some fans of American Chocolate too - so why not include something from across the pond like Hershey's or Charleston Chew??

Chocolate Tree
A Sweet & Chocolate Hamper could also include a small chocolate tree. The idea is that you always want to have something that surprises your recipient and a chocolate tree can help do that. Not only is it creative and exciting to see and eat, but it also helps push the boundaries in a creative and empowering manner. You do want to take your time and find the right design, just to be sure it's what they'll love. But it will surely be worth the effort.

Chocolate Bouquet
Creativity is key when you create your own sweet & chocolate hamper. So it may make sense to include a small and simple chocolate bouquet and that alone can indeed make a difference. These could only be included in a super large hamper otherwise it probably wont fit! We've included a picture here of one of our very own chocolate bouquets just to give you an idea of what it could look like. We've also recently posted on our blog on how to make your own so don't forget to check that out. If you were to include a bouquet in your hamper you'd only really fit in some small and simple sweets around this - maybe some classic retro sweet bags with Liquorice Allsorts or Jelly Beans?

Chocolate Flowers
A chocolate flower is always a great treat to add in a sweet & chocolate hamper. It’s definitely creative and might be something quite new to the recipient. It’s definitely a good idea to use a multitude of chocolate flower options, and that can indeed make a huge difference to how it looks. They can be quite delicate though so make sure it's well wrapped and protected in the hamper!

Sweet & Chocolate Hamper

Local Sweets
Getting some local sweets is also a thoughtful addition. Not only are you supporting local business but It allows you to provide a glimpse into local life and food. We'd always recommend adding in some of your own favourite local sweets - it's a great talking point!

If you don’t have the time to create your own sweet & chocolate hamper, you can buy one from the Sweet Hamper company today. This is a great way for you to share some of the best and most innovative hampers on the market, and you will be very impressed with the quality and efficiency. It definitely offers the value and quality you'll love, and the results themselves are very good. Not only that, but you can choose from a variety of gift hampers that range in size and pricing. This will make it easy to pick the one that suits your needs!