Barbie Movie Sweet Hamper

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Introducing the Limited Edition Barbie Movie Sweet Hamper! Brought to you by The Sweet Hamper Company. This enchanting gift is wrapped in delicate pink tissue and features a Barbie-style gift card for an extra touch of glamour. Inside, you'll discover a delightful assortment of pink, white, and red sweets that will transport you to a whimsical candy wonderland.

Indulge in the juicy and succulent Giant Strawberries, savour the whimsical delight of Pink Mushrooms, and experience a burst of tangy flavour with the Fizzy Cherries. Let your heart flutter with the charming Haribo Heart Throbs and the luscious Kingsway Juicy Red Lips. The Kingsway Strawberry Twist Kisses will leave you enchanted, while the Giant Love Hearts bring a nostalgic touch to your candy-filled journey. Don't forget we have something for everyone, check out all of our sweet hampers!

An example Barbie Movie Sweet Hamper contains: 

12" Wicker Hamper
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Giant Strawberries
Pink Mushrooms
Heart Throbs
Juicy Red Lips
Strawberry Twist Kisses
Giant Love Hearts
Candy Floss
Popping Candy
Haribo Chamallows
Haribo Supermix Treat Bag x2
Swizzels Refreshers Strawberry Chew Bar x2
Vimto Chew Bar
Swizzels Love Heart Candy Sticks 18g
Double Dip Original
Hubba Bubba Strawberry Flavour Bubble Gum 
Skittles Chewy Original Sweets 
Vimto Flying Saucers
Tongue Painter Lollies x3
Candy Necklaces