Chocolate Birthday Bouquet

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Our special chocolate birthday bouquet is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of all who open! It contains 17 delectable bars of chocolate, all well presented in a bouquet style box and includes a birthday message/sticker on the front. These birthday bouquets are all hand made and delivered in the UK with love, care and attention. They really will make their day special, and contain classic bars such as Dairy Milk Caramel, Galaxy Ripple and Maltesers. What more could a chocoholic ask for?!

The picture here shows how our bouquet looks, and it comes well wrapped in order for safe delivery. There's no denying that you'll be tempted to buy one of these for yourself once you've seen it ;)

Please note that depending on stock the odd bar may change, but we do our best to keep them as below

An example Chocolate Birthday Bouquet contains:

Curly Wurly x2
Dairy Milk x2
Dairy Milk Caramel x2
Ferrero Rocher 3 pack x2
Malteser x2
Freddo x2
Giant Buttons
Galaxy Ripple x2
Flake x2