Fizzy Teddy Bears

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The fizzy counterpart to the teddy bear sweets, with all the same amazing flavours but with a fizzy and sour twist! These fizzy teddy bears were introduced after the huge popularity of the standard teddy bear sweets. They are packed with all the same amazingly tasty flavours from raspberry, to lemon to apple. 

Theses sweets are multi coloured and go great in kids party bags or on their own. We've seen these sweets used at many event and special occasion! They are super fun and super colourful.

The fizzy teddy bears that we offer are made by Kingsway and they come in either 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg or 2kg sweet bags. You can also add them to a personalised jar with custom sticker on the front! Just click the 'personalise it' button above. Traditional and classic pick and mix sweets delivered to your door!