Huge Galaxy Chocolate Bouquet

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One step up form our Galaxy Chocolate Bouquet, containing a whopping 13 standard sized bars, 4 bags of Galaxy Minstrels, and 3 large bars! The large bars all come in different flavours too; Milk, Caramel and Salted Caramel. Don't forget to add a personalised gift card, making it the ideal gift for any birthday, valentines or special occasion.

All of our bouquets, hampers and boxes are hand packed in the UK, and delivered to your door.

Please note that depending on stock the odd bar may change, but we do our best to keep them as below

An example Huge Galaxy Chocolate Bouquet contains:

3 x Galaxy Milk
3 x Galaxy Caramel
3 x Galaxy Cookie Crumble
4 x Galaxy Ripple
4 x Galaxy Minstrels
1 x Large Galaxy Milk
1 x Large Galaxy Caramel
1 x Large Galaxy Salted Caramel